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Network Configuration for UC320


Hi Guys

I am struggling to setup a network for UC320W with SPA504G phones and SG200-50P switch.

I chose the 1st topology i.e UC320 will act as data and voice DHCP server.

When I plugged the phones in they took a lot of time to get the IP address and got the Data VLAN IP address 192.168.1.x

I was not able to ping the phone at all and because of that couldn't access the GUI of phones.

UC320 was not detecting the phones and I had to manually add them. But it showed offline.

I will be giving it another try today so thought if I could get some advice from the experts.

I am planning to configure a trunk on one of the SG200 switch port and configure Data and Voice VLANs. Then plug the UC320 in trunk port and phones on other ports. I think the phones should get the correct IP address of Voice VLAN and I should be able to ping them.

Do you guys have any advice for me? Do I need to do anything else to get the phones registered to UC320.

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards

Omair Sheikh

2 Accepted Solutions

Accepted Solutions

voodooaddict wrote:

I've been reading all the technical documentation I can get my hands on in prep for deploying a UC320w and SPA504gs with SG200-08, SG200-08P, RVS4000 and Microsoft SBS 2008.

From what I've read here are some thoughts:

  1. Make sure the SG200s and UC320 are on the latest firmware
  2. Ensure that the SG200s are setup with at least 2 VLANS  -   VLAN 1 for Data, VLAN 100 for Voice
  3. Ensure that the DHCP Server settings on your UC320 have different subnets for Voice and Data segments. The defaults should work well with any exclusions for existing network devices.
  4. If the UC320 isn't your networks Internet gateway, at least ensure that the WAN and LAN IPs for the UC320 are on different subnets.

Before the SG200s recognize the proper VLAN Tags your phone's DHCP requests won't get picked up by the right DHCP server on the UC320.

Another important item for #2 above:  VLAN 1 is untagged and VLAN 100 is tagged for all ports with phones & SPA8800 gateways connected AND the uplink to the UC320W.


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Make sure all ports on vlan100 are untagged and leave one port on vlan100 not attached to a phone but to the uc320w being tagged all other ports could be on vlan1 for data and must be untagged. Also make sure you have two cables going from the switch to the uc320w one on the tagged vlan100 an the other on the untagged vlan1

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