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New Installation - Phones don't transfer to VM

We just installed a new SPA9000 with an SPA400, 2 Analog PSTN lines and VM with 5 SPA941 phones.

We can place calls OK.

We can call from one extension to another OK.

AA answers and plays greeting OK and will transfer to correct extension.

HOWEVER, if the extension does not answer the phone, the call is NOT being transfered and answered by the VM associated with the extension.

What should we check/verify so that VM will answer a call that is not answered by the user?

This is a newby kind of question, but we seem to be stuck.



David Carr
Frequent Contributor

Mr. Campas, did you run the setup wizard to configure the devices?  If not I would run that to verify that the spa400 is properly setup with the spa9000.  The wizard can be downloaded from  I would try that, if your manually set it up, there is a possibility of missing a step.  If you use the wizard it covers all the steps.

We ran the Wizard straight through the process and all seemed to work well - except vm does not answer an unanswered call.

Is the logic for the transfer to vm in the phone or in the SPA9000/SPA400?

David Carr
Frequent Contributor

Its a combination of the both, the phone has to point to the vmm and the Spa9000 has to know where the spa400 is at?  If you would like, you could contact the SBSC at 866-606-1866 and let them help you troubleshoot your voicemail issue.

Hi I have the same problem with the voice mail in SPA9000/SPA400 and ip phone cisco SPA502G and linksys SPA942

the problem of the vouce mail is in the ip phone cisco SPA502G I can not to leave a message because the instructions

for the voice mail aren`t, and the call is busy...

I used the wizard v. to configure SPA9000/SPA400

Just access your SPA400 through webinterface and check in SETUP / VOIICEMAIL USERS if each user has a mailbox enabled with the same id!

* the default user for access the web interface is 'Admin' and the password is blank.

** Keep in mind that if dont record a msg for your mailbox, user cannot leave new msgs for you! Take a look at my fresh post (


Renato P.