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New UC560 reboot on any call through fxo/fxs


We have a new UC560 and upon initial configuration, it started rebooting almost everytime a call comes through either an FXO or an FXS port.  Internal calls work fine and CUE is working fine.  I have upgraded the IOS to version 15.0(1)XA3a (that comes with the UC540 8.0.4 pack) just to see if that would make any difference and it hasn't.  My company has implemented several UC540 and UC560 deployments and we've never had an issue like this.  This exact unit was ordered with another UC560 and the other one has been live for over a week, working great.  I've already restored to factory default and rebuilt the config from scratch and I'm not sure where to go from here.

Has anyone else experienced issues like this?



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Check to see if you have assigned CO line buttons to any phones. I saw something weird with them one time, and never again. Thinking maybe also on the incoming dial plan map GUI, where it was also assigned there (co line)

Kinda fuzzy, sorry. But maybe have the FXO ports ring aa or hunt groups instead to test.

Open a case for advanced troubleshooting of course.

Thanks, I appreciate your response.  Unfortunately, this problem is a growing one.  It started that we couldn't make any calls through FXO/FXS ports without the UC560 rebooting.  Now, it just reboots on its own, even with all FXO and FXS ports shutdown and no activity what-so-ever.  I guess it's just a bad unit or something.

Cisco small business support (over the phone) has been dreadful to work with.  Everytime I call (and wait for 30-120 minutes) to speak to somebody, they tell me just to monitor the unit for 24 hours since it doesn't reboot while I'm on the phone with them.  I'm not really sure why we even purchase warranties on these UC500 systems.

Just wanted to update this discussion.

I finally got an RMA for the old unit completed and the new one arrived this morning!  I plugged it in and started configuring a new ip address on it...REBOOT.  Tried again, before I even got into CCA with it, REBOOT.  That's right.  Brand new unit, no switches plugged in, no phones plugged in, new location than the last unit, BRAND NEW and it's already REBOOTING at random.


Were you able to get this issue fixed? We have experieinced the same problem with UC560 w/ 8 FXO lines. The system would reboot anytime an inbound or outbound call to PSTN was made. Small Business TAC suggested battery reversal on FXO ports. That temporarily fixed the problem but the issue reappeared again within few hours.

Unfortunately, I never figured out the root cause.  Cisco sent me another brand new UC560 and following the same procedure, it's working.  It's been in live for about a month now I guess and I haven't had any rebooting issues.

Wish I could be of more assistance, but getting a new unit is as far as I made it.

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