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Next, please! Multiple Registrars on SIP Trunks & CCA 3.x.x

Arturo Bianchi

Hi CCA Team,

I imagine that at times leaves the CCA 3.2.1, I do not see the announcement but already I read the instructions for using Cisco Jabber then will be the last frenetic hours before the release... Now, before you take a few days of respite, I would like to ask you a question!

You will never addressed the possibility of including even more sip trunks to different ITSP?

I can see that the argument has been proposed/debated several times in recent years, now whereas, if I remember correctly, the latest versions of CME support this possibility, why not put this in CCA? Even so basic, and retaining the ability to use the old syntax if the problem can be the reverse compatibility... but I believe that, even within the SMB, is particularly useful to be able to connect multiple ITSPs or manage a redundancy or anything that provides authentication and signing of several servers.




paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master

Not only the CCA, but actually the IOS doesn't support authentication for multiple SIP trunk.

Sure that's laughable and surprising,

Paolo Bevilacqua ha scritto:

but actually the IOS doesn't support authentication for multiple SIP trunk.

Hi Paolo,

the IOS version 15.x has several changes on command from the CLI; surely you can define multiple registrars but, clearly, in collision with CCA. For this reason I have not wanted to venture into understanding what are the limits, maybe you have some extra knowledge in the use of CUCME from CLI. I would not adventured, so I still have some hope!



uca(config-sip-ua)#registrar ?

  <1-6>  Registrar Index Value for configuring multiple registrars

  WORD   Registrar Server address

  dhcp   Registrar Server address provision via DHCP



The issue is not with multiple registrars, but authentication for outbound calls.

Anyway, using the CLI is very easy, and produces better results in less time than GUI, that by their nature, are always limited.

David Trad
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Rising star

Hi Arturo,

CCA 3.2 was supposed to have multiple ITSP support, but this was sometime last year when I was pushing hard for this and heard that it may come out in this release (I drafted a big list for the dev team - More like a wish list I guess) of things that CCA 3.2 would need, I was advised that some of them would make it on the list to be added.

I am guessing now that they were not, and if CCA 3.2 does not have multiple ITSP support, then this is a shame as it has been long awaited by many people, 15.X IOS I believe does have multiple ITSP support, so it should be able to work.

But you are right, and you should keep lobbying Cisco to introduce it and don't stop, I know I never did But I don't work with Cisco products full time at the moment (Only maintain clients that wont move on and keep hassling me to do their work), so lobbying for me is not so important at the moment, but still keep a close eye on developments just in case I start working with Cisco products full time again, plus I can give them a break now LOL



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