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Night Service + Auto Attending... But not during the day!


   I use a UC540 at my house for both the office(s) + house lines.

My incoming dial plans do call blasting on  different extention (depending on the number reach) after 60 sec if no one awnser it goes onto the Auto Attending (ext: 398, 397 or 396) depending on the incoming call.

Lately our Toll Free Number have been targetted by machine calling us around 2AM to 5AM (about 10 calls a night) from different numbers.

So I wanted to add the Night Service to don't be disturb during the night.

But the phone still ring... But when it goes to the Auto Attending it says our office are now close.  The only way I found to make this work is to take incoming call and transfer them directly to the Auto Atending.  But I don't want that. I want the line to ring for 60 seconds and after go to Auto Attending, but at night to always fo to  Auto Attending (Night Service)

Is there a way to do this?


Brian Rapier

If the 540 is like the 560, use the schedules.  Set the night ring schedule up and that should do it.

If you have the CFNA set for your blast groups just change the time to 60 secs to forward to your AA.



      If you are using CCA to manage the unit, it sounds like you need to setup a floating extension for each of your numbers.  You would create the floating extension under Users and Phones, Floating Extension tab, that has a call forward all to the blast group number, like it works during the day.  Then under Night Service, you would choose the floating extension number, choose "call forward night service" under "Answer Type" and put the AA number as the "Forward to Number".  Next, under your Incoming Dial Plan, point your DID or FXO line to go to the floating extension instead of the blast group number.  Then, you can either have the system use a schedule to make the call routing change, under Schedules>Night Service or you can setup an extesion under the Night Service window to manually set the system to night service.  Choose the extension you want to use to trigger the system and set it to night service bell.  Set the code to 222 for example(notice the * infront of that input box).  Then from that phone, open the extension line and dial *222.  You will see on the phone on the bottom of the screen that the system is in night service mode.   Calls to the external number will now go directly to the AA.  Enter *222 on the phone again to active the call routing during the day.  The calls will go to the blast group. 

       If you are using CLI, the CME CLI amdinistration guide explains the steps to perform the operation.  Here is the link to the guide:

The configuration of night service is addressed in this manual, pg 951

If the unit is covered for support, you can call 1-866-606-1866 for assistance in setting this up.  Hope this helps Jean.

James Battisti

This method resolved the issue for me. Many thanks!