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Joseph Chambers

Night service bell and no Cfwdall button on 7962 behavior

UC560 8.0.2 SP

7962G phone

This is an operator phone.  They were hitting CFA instead of transfer so I removed the CFA button from the template yesterday and reset the phone.

ephone-template  19

url services 1 VoiceviewExpress

softkeys remote-in-use  Newcall

softkeys idle  Redial Newcall Pickup

softkeys seized  Endcall Redial Pickup Callback

softkeys connected  Hold Endcall Trnsfer TrnsfVM Confrn

Last night they hit Night Service button I set up as Speed Dial button & again this morning to de-activate.

But within 30 seconds, the line was forwarded to night-service #.  Since no CFA button, I removed via CLI.  30 seconds later, it was back to being forwarded.

I went back into template and add Cfwdall to Idle and reset the phone.  It hasn't shown since.

And yes, I checked the clock on system & it was outside parameters for night service.  Also, Night service didn't say active, it said calls forwarded.

Is this normal behavior?


What is the night service number you set up? For example, *234,...



You tagged this thread with CCA 2.2.5.

CCA doesnt support modification of ephone-template.

Or are you managing this with CLI?

removed tag for CCA.

Thank goodness for CLI - otherwise, never would be able to sell it.

If I whistle the "Lassie" song, would you 'come home to CCA'?


  I use it for everything except for when it doesn't have the functionality I need - FXO for paging, phone templates, etc.

Can you import using file for phones after the initial config?

There is a IMPORT function in Expert Mode in the Voice window.

The sample CSV file is getting cleaned up for CCA 3.0, since the many fields it currently lists are no longer valid.

We can try this for 3.0.

I have already added the 13 phones USING CCA (one at a time).  See I do use CCA.