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night-service date including year

Apologies if this has been already discussed but my quick search was unable to find a solution.

We use the night-service feature for incoming calls to the office main number which works well. We also program the 'night-service date' option for all public holidays and when the office will be closed. The problem with this option is that you cannot set the year for this date. This requires us to either change all the dates on January 1st of each year, or have dates which are part from the current year, and part from the next. eg. If I change the dates on July 1st, anything January to June will be for the following year, and anything July to December will be for the current year. I then need to have a record which indicates the dates were changed on July 1st so that I know which are for which year.

Is there an easy way to set a Night Service date to be year specific? It would be good if this option was set by: night-service date 2010 January 1 00:00 23:59

Maybe I'm using this feature wrong?


Brandon Buffin


     There is no way, to my knowledge, to configure a year for night service. One option would be to setup an auto attendant script in Unity Express. In a CUE script, you can give the call different treatment based on a configured holiday schedule, business hours, time of day, day of week, etc.. This holiday schedule in CUE does take year into account.

Hope this helps.


Hi, The Telephony Setup Wizard supports this in CCA 2.2.4, I used it today. But that's only for day 0 provisioning.  CCA expert mode has a schedule GUI.  Are you saying this doest work in CCA 2.2.4?  Let me know and we will try to fix that.  In the mean time, try Office Manager, as it supports this too.  Steve

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Is this added to the cme?