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Night Service seem not working ?


I have setup Autoattendant with aa_sbcs_v02.aef, there are an option for business hour and closed hours, and it was working fine.

But Setup Night Service seem didn't work, the system seem only work with autoattendant

For Night Service setup I have set Night Service hours via schedule and voice option

Please advise how to active Night Service

Thank you

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There was a similar discussion here....


Dear DiStefano, the link you provide didn't have similar problem, which I have.

My problem is that Night Service didn't active at all, at the all time when dial to our UC520, there was autottendant Greeting.

I suppose that when there was night time, the call to our UC520 should go directly to Night Service Number

I could see from phone screen of Night Service Phone the message: "Night Service Active" but it still didn't ring when I make outside call to UC520

Page 58 of the 1.4 First Look labs has instructions for night service configuration. The screenshots are for CCA 1.9. We are working to update to 2.0, but the configuration should be very similar:

Let us know if this helps,


OK, I built it and wrote it down in this doc:

Let me know if this clarifies how it works.   It is a little confusing I admit and I am sorry I didnt address it right the first time for you.

Please let me know if this helps you.

Doc updated.

When doing a "sh telephony-service fac" I see:

UC540#sh telephony-service fac
  telephony-service fac standard
    callfwd all **1
    callfwd cancel **2
    pickup local **3
    pickup group **4
    pickup direct **5
    park **6
    dnd **7
    redial **8
    voicemail **9
    ephone-hunt join *3
    ephone-hunt cancel #3
    ephone-hunt hlog *4
    ephone-hunt hlog-phone *5
    trnsfvm *6
    dpark-retrieval *0
    cancel call waiting *1

Based on this output, it appears the only codes that will not conflict with other fac must start with *2, *7, *8, or *9.

I changed the night service toggle code to *255, and it works fine now.

Skyler Spence


Night Service and the Auto Attendant script aa_sbcs_v02.aef are two separate entities.  You may setup this AA script to play different prompts and take different actions based on caller input according to your business schedule, but it is still the auto attendant answering the call regardless of time.  Night Service allows a specific extension to perform different call forwarding actions depending on business schedule.  It seems that what you were expecting was for Night Service to become enabled and change the inbound call handling so that your aa_sbcs_v02.aef scripted auto attendant doesn't answer at night.

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