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No Sound using wired headset with 7965 phones

We are using UC560, Software Pack 8.1

7965 Phones

We have a basic 4 wire wired headset connected to the headset port on the back of the phone. When we toggle the headset button on and dial out or press the messages button, we do not hear any sound and the headset does not appear to be active, even though the headset button is green.

When we plug the headset in to the handset port it works. What am I doing incorrectly?

Under Settings, User Preferences, Media Configuration, Headset enabled is set to "yes".


There are some headsets that are not compatible with Cisco phones using the headset jack.  Each vendor has a specific set of Cisco compatible headsets to work with certain phones.  Your best bet would be to check with the headset vendor to see if it is Cisco compatible.

David Trad
Rising star

Hi There,

To add a little more to what Marcus has advised, the most compatible headsets we have found to work with the 7900 series and the SPA phones is as follows:

  • GN-Netcomm or Jabra as it may also be known, you will need to ask for the adapter that is compatible with the Cisco phones, you can go to their website and do a compatibility check HERE
  • Plantronics is also another one, they almost look identical to the Jabra headsets, quality seems to be identical with the two of them (Although some might argue this ) you can do their compatibility check HERE

There are some other brands that do work, but these two brands to be honest with you are the only ones I would consider as they are tried and proven appliances, they are pretty good quality and they have a pretty good variety to choose from to work with the Cisco, for instance, they have corded models with optional extension leads, they have RF based wireless headset and Bluetooth based headsets Jabra in particular have a really good one that works with the SPA-525G2 phone.

NOTE: SPA phones are not HHC compliant (Not sure if they will make them either) however the I believe all or most of the 7900 series are.

Hope this info helps out



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