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No transfer key when second line is ringing




We are using a Cisco SPA514G with the latest firmware for our receptionist and we have the following problem:


She answers a call on line 1, and while she is talking, a second call comes on line 2 and it makes the transfer dss key disappears, so she cannot transfer call 1 before answering the second line.


Is there any way to fix the problem ?


Thank you.






Because phone switch do second call. It's still ringing, so transfer key is not suitable for it.

Change "Line Navigation" option to "Per Line" value. You may use up and down arrows to switch between both calls. PSK line should change accordingly.



The setting was already on Per Line and I had to change it to Per Call, so I can use the up and down arrows. I wish there was a way to not display anything so the receptionist could transfer the active call easily without having to press the arrows key to make the transfer key visible.



My fault. I has "Per call" in my mind ...

Call SMB support, may be they give you a better advice, but doesn't put so much hope on it ...


Can someone on this forum confirm that the 79xx series from Cisco will not behave like the SPA? The transfer key will be available even if another calls on the second line is coming.


Here's what I have found out about that famous transfer key missing.

The phone must have 2 lines to make it work and the following must be set:

<Line_ID_Mapping group="Phone/Miscellaneous_Line_Key_Settings">Vertical First</Line_ID_Mapping>

<Line_Navigation group="Phone/Miscellaneous_Line_Key_Settings">Per Call</Line_Navigation>

The up and down arrow will switch to the first call and make the softkeys appear.

Here are some pictures with a second incoming call with 1 line and 2 lines:

No transfer key!

1 line no transfer key

Transfer key appear!

2 line transfer key does appear

I hope it helps others and let's hope Cisco fixes this issue one day....



Thanx Dan, but unfortunately disabling call waiting  is applied globally to the phone, so if I disable it the other lines will never ring while the first line is busy.

It would be so much better if call waiting could be disabled per line.




It's just workaround for firmware bug. It's common attribute of workarounds that there's a better solution ...

... in such case - patched firmware with no such bug.

Call SMB Support, report the issue, mention CSCun19415, claim it harm your's business and ask for solution.

But remember it's Cisco SMB support. Don't put so much hope they will care about your's problem. See others experience - and it needs to be considered "success story" as it seems the issue will be solved in not so distant future.