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Novice User trying to setup UC540

Hi All,

I'm a novice CISCO user and trying to set up a UC540. Really appreciate any meaningful help and suggestions, thanks, Sorry if my questions are basic - I've found some of the forum terms confusing.  I thought the UC540 was meant to be fairly straightforward to install, especially using the Config Wizard.   Helfpul as I do not have the console experience.  Sadly I've come to grief.

UC540 is to replace a CISCO UC 500 series, burnt out by faulty ethernet cabling.  Alll cabling has been replaced and I'm now trying to install the UC540

Client Environment is a netgear modem/router connected to Bigpond. 

Plugged into it's ethernet port is the Cisco UC540.

Client setup had an ethernet cable from the Netgear modem/router plugged into AN ETHERNET port on the UC500.

Client also had an HP Proliant server set to be DHCP server, plugged into an ethernet port on the UC500.

Client has 4 Cisco IP phones and we connect PCs via PC port on phone

Additonally the default address for the UC540 is

Server acting as DHCP is at

I tried plugging cable from Netgear to UC540 but at first could not get internet access from a port connected into a UC540 port.

Only way I've gotten internet working is plugging server and modem into ethernet ports on the UC540.

If I connect my laptop at and plug into ethernet port on UC540 I can use Cisco config assistant to discover and connect to UC540.

Setting UC540 to address and pointing gateway and DNS to gets internet to PCs connected to the phones.

Also relevant, unit is in and set to Australia

Phones are 201, 202, 203 and 204

Incoming phone lines are ISDN on say range 02 6655 1000 to 02 6655 1111. One of these is a fax line, say 02 6655 1111

Problem 1

In above scenario th4e UC540 still only allows my laptop to connect when set to  For some reason, even though PCs (connected through the phones) get, the laptop only 'sees' the UC540 when laptop is set to

How do I get UC540 to 'live' on and allow control from Cisco Config Assistant?

Problem 2

The setup wizard prompted me to set two greetings, 'Incoming' and 'After Hours'.  DId this with my pc microphone whih was shocking, thinking that's OK, I could change them after.  I was able to setup voice prompt for 201 at 399, set a password, then dial 397 and set an Alternate Greeting.

How do I tell system to use this greeting for Incoming?

How do I record and activate a new After Hours greeting?

Problem 3

During setup the system asked for Auto Attendant and then appropriate business hours and holidays.  Thus auto-attendant automatically switches as per the business hours.

Customer now says they want to manually switch between business and after hours.

How do I turn off Auto Attendant and how do they manually switch between business and after hours?

Problem 4

How do I route incoming faxes on the e.g. number 02 66 55 1111 to the actual fax port FX 0? 

I did activate and set the port, yet all incomng calls go to the main number,,,

Problem 5

I'm used to being able to setup a phone system so that incoming calls go to Auto Attendant, then to phones. If phones don't answer then to message "Sorry we have not yet answered your call, our operators are busy.  Please be patient and we will answer your call soon" then goes to music on hold for up to say 60 seconds, then message "Sorry we have been unable to answer your call, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we can" then go to voice mail.

I can't see how to set this up on the UC540...

Problem 6

I have configured the UC540 to show all oputgoping calls as Caller ID 02 6655 1000.

Yet these are showing as coming from different PSTN lines associated with the client....


Look, again, sorry if these are basic questions.  I thought the Config console was the plasce to make these changes yet can't find or understand them.



OK, using CCA I went to Configure, Switching, VLANS and was able to modify VLAN ID 1 to, save that and now set laptop to dynamic IP (got, re-opened CCA, deleted the previous connection, discovered the UC540 at the new address and connected to it.

So, now would appreciate help with the Problems 2 to 6, thanks :-)

BTW I have extensively looked through online documentation

Under CISCO Config Assistant using Telephony Setup Wizard to Set Up UC500 Series

** can only run telephony wizard if machine in factory default setting


Configuring Cisco UC500 (this is not the same as UC540)

Would also be great to configure the fax as fax to email

In CCA: Configure, telephony, call handling, T.37 Fax to Email.  Also needs setting at Configure, telephony, Dial Plan, incoming. 

BUT don't see how to configure so that a specific incoming number, say 02 66 55 1111 goes to Fax to Email to say and to set SMTP to say


Hi Aussie,

I will address the issues you are having in order.  If for any reason these instructions are unclear if you need configuration assistance please feel free to reach out to us here at Cisco Small Business at 1-866-606-1866.

Problem 2:

Under the Auto Attendant Settings in CCA you can choose which prompt plays during your open and closed hours.

Problem 3:

This issue could be resolved by implementing 2 or more separate auto attendants and then using the combination of a floating ext and the night service feature to accomplish the customer’s goal. 

The floating ext would be configured to have all of the inbound calls forwarded to it.  Next the floating ext would have a call forward all rule attached to it sending the calls to the daytime auto attendant.  Finally in the night service section of CCA configure set the floating ext to forward calls to the 2nd auto attendant.  Additionally in this section you will configure a night service code.  When this code is entered on a phone connected to the UC it will automatically forward the calls to the 2nd auto attendant.  This would give your customer the ability to switch from open to close as they please.

Problem 4: 

If the calls are coming in over PRI or SIP you can configure the inbound call rules to forward the 02 66 55 1111 phone number to a specific extension.  If the calls are coming in over the FXO line you will point the specific line to the ext.

Problem 5: 

What you are describing is a BACD group.  This can be configured in CCA under BACD.

Problem 6: 

If the calls are going over SIP the Caller ID should be working with the number of 02 6655 1000.  However if you are using a PRI, BRI or FXO the provider will determine what caller ID is used.  You may need to contact them to insure that only the 02 6655 1000 number is used for your caller ID.

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