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On Hold Waiting Call Announcement

I have a customer who is interested in upgrading his phone system to a UC540. He has a specific feature that I am not sure exists or is even possible.

This customer is a boat dealer and spends a lot of time roaming around the parking lot and through his buildings. His request is for the ability to have the phone system announce inbound callers as waiting on the PA system.

Example: A caller (customer) calls the dealership and selects a choice for sales in the auto attendant. The phone system would then announce over the PA system "Sales you have a call waiting on extension 210". or "Sales you have 3 calls waiting". The caller would hear announcements or music while waiting.  Meanwhile the owner would hear this PA announcement and find the nearest phone and pick up the inbound call.

Please let me know if this is possible or does this need to be added to as a feature request.


Re: On Hold Waiting Call Announcement


This would need to be a feature request

currently the UC500 can only do paging thru human interaction

He could look into a 7925 series phone to carry with him or use the SNR feature

Have a great weekend


Re: On Hold Waiting Call Announcement

Thanks for the quick response.  Would you suggest he carry around a wireless IP phone like the 7925G.  This way I could configure it to ring when a call comes in.  Do you know the range of this technology (Wireless Phones)?


Re: On Hold Waiting Call Announcement

It would depend on the wireless AP

Look at the AP541 to use

It will allow 6 to cluster together or move up to a 2100 controller

On May 14, 2011 7:49 AM, "" <

Re: On Hold Waiting Call Announcement

As Dave said, we can manually park calls, and manually page users, but its not automatic.

I do like his suggestion to use 7925, because then the call goes to a hunt group, which that wireless phone is a member of, and can be picked up straight away.

7925s also can receive manual pages.

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