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Dan Smith

Outbound caller-id translation

I am looking at doing some outgoing caller-id translations based on the area code that is dialed from a phone. The extension that the call is placed from doesn't matter. There is a PRI with phone numbers from various are codes.

Example 1: A call is placed from extension 200 to 555-123-4567. There is a number on the PRI 555-987-6543. For that call only the caller-id displayed would be 555-987-6543

Example 2: A call is placed from extension 200 to 444-123-4567. There is a number on the PRI 444-987-6543. For that call only the caller-ed displayed would be 444-987-6543

The calls are only place to certain area code, so not all area code would need to match. I am thinking that this can be done with dial-peers and translation-profiles and translation-rules, but I was wondering if there is a better/simpler way to accomplish this. If anyone has done something similar would appreciate the advice.

thanks in advance.

David Trad
Rising star

Hi Dan,

You would only need to control this via Translation Rules, you would apply the rule via a Translation Profile, and in order to make sure it works you need to apply that profile to your Dial-Peers.

You can test this if you have the time by duplicating your dial-peers and using a different prefix for dialing out, this way if it works you can delete the duplicates and then get your main ones to run with the profile setup.

I hope this gives you the basic answer you were looking for, I am not aware of any other format that is easier or that can do it.



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