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Nuwan Dharmasena

outgoing line selection for missed calls and personal phone book

Hi team,

I am new to cisco voice. i have spa525g2 phone connected to uc560. Button 1 of the ipphone is configured as a normal extension. button 2 is configured as a CO line. the main issue is when dial from missed calls or personal phone book. when you dial an external line from missed calls or phone book by default it will select the extension line which doesn't have the external dialing facility. it should go via CO line. how can i manually select the line at the time of dialing from missed calls or phone book. Please help!


David Trad
Rising star

Hi Nuwan,

If your system is setup in PBX mode then you should be able to just redial from the Directory (History or Missed Calls) and it will just use an available line (Normally the last one).

However if this is not happening, then you need to log into CCA (Must be 3.1.1) and go to the call back rules section and then go through the process of adding in your external line number I.E "9" or "0" depending on your location, this way any call that comes into the system it will have the external number dialing inserted in front of the number so that way you can redial those numbers without having to edit them.

Its just a thought and may not be the problem, but it shounds like it.



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Hi David,

Thanks for your response.

Actually my situation is little bit different. According to the client's requirement external dialing facility should be available only to senior managers and these calls should route via dedicated PSTN line assigned to each manager. Therefore I have 6 FXO lines coming into a UC560, and have programmed them as 'CO line' on the second button of SPA525G phones. First button is a normal extension with 3 digits (eg: 101,102,103,.......). The calls comming via FOX lines will display the full 10 digit CLI. but when i am dialing fom the Directory (History or Missed Calls) the particular entry does not provide an option to select the second button.