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password must be changed when first time login to Voicemail system


Is there a way that we can enable the prompt to notify use to change default password "1234" when first time login to Voicemail system ?              

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  Yes , you have this option. while FTS you need to check the box to change the deault password when first time login.

how do i do that ?  I'm in the BE3000 administration page, where should i go to make this change ?

It should be  available only during the First Time Setup? once your FTS is done the you dont have that option available.

They system has finished First Time Setup widzard however some new users haven't initialized their voicemails yet. is there a option or setting under users / phones to remind user to change voicemail password when user first time login to voicemail system?


When user accesses voicemail for the first time, there is a menu option to change the default password, record a greeting, name etc.


Hi Sanjay,

there is no prompt to ask you to change the Voicemail user password when access to voicemail for the first time.

by default, the Voicemail password is 1234 and it's very easy to get hacked if user forgot to change it.

Hi Billy

Once you are in Voicemail system, press Setup Option (4), followed by Preferences (3), followed by Change PIN Menu (1) to change the PIN.

It will change the PIN of other phone services also, for example Extension Mobility.


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