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'Phantom dialtone' sometimes heard

We deployed a BE3000 about a year and a half ago. Had a fair share of problems, but thankfully got most sorted out after a while.

One problem that has persisted is what could be described as a 'phantom dialtone'. Most often experienced first thing in the morning, a user will hear their phone ring, and, upon answering, hear a dialtone. They can also hear the caller, but only faintly. They can hang up, make another call, but the dialtone will be there, until they power cycle the phone.

I've logged several service requests with TAC to no avail. I've swapped out phones, including moving from 6945 phones to 8945s. Upgraded the BE3K from 8.6.3 to 8.6.4. The gateway has also changed, from SPA8800s to 2901 routers. I have upgraded SG300 switch firmware, disabled power save settings, isolated the phone from the PC. The culprit still eludes me.

Has any one else ran into this?? Welcome any feedback and suggestions. Thanks!