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phone(s) will not register


Can't pin this one down.  uc560, Running: software pack 8.02 - CME 8, CUE 8.06 - yes, I know its old.

We added a new 7975, it would not register, discovered that the term75.default.load  file had bad info in it and the tftp lines for the 7975 were also wrong AND did not match the file list in the term75 file; so we removed the 7975 loads using CCA and confirmed that the phones/7975 folder was deleted as well as a duplicate term75 file. Then reloaded the 7975 firmware and all looked ok, term75, folder, etc., all looked good.  The phone did get the new firmware now, but Boot Load ID still looks like the older version?? but if will not STAY registered with CME.  I say STAY because the new phone did get registered per CCA, but then fell off.  The phone says that CM is not available.

I have other non-7975 phones on the system and they seem to be fine, got to get this fixed ASAP as all 7975's are either deceased or unregistered.

The only thing in between the UC and the phones is an older ESW 10/100 switch.  Computer are on another subnet/switch.

I sanitized the attached sho run, so names, phone numbers will look incorrect.  I changed the keep alive in Telephony-service to 61 seconds too.

Thanks, John.

From Phone Web Page

Unified CM 1 Unavail. 

App Load ID  jar75sccp.9-1-1TH1-16.sbn 
Boot Load ID  tnp75.8-3-1-21a.bin 
Version  SCCP75.9-1-1SR1S 


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Albert Wilhelm

Have you looked at the debug output of the phone when it tries to register?

deb ephone register mac-address H.H.H

Where H=the mac address of the 7975.

You can find the mac address with the command show ephone 7975

The debug command is detail and will tell you what is happening during the registration process.

Hope this helps.


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