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Please claify force night function with automated schedule

The UC320 manual states this about the Force Night button:

"In a system with an automated schedule: Press to temporarily override the schedule. The button is red. Press again to resume the normal schedule. The button is green."

My client has an automated schedule. Day hours are from 7AM to 8PM and humans answer the phones. Night is 8PM to 7AM and AA answers the phones. If an employee comes in at 6:30AM and hits the force night button so he can take calls, will the button turn red and the phones ring until a human picks it up? If so, then 30 minutes later when the day is scheduled to start, will the button automatically go to green?

What is defined by temporary? is it 60 minutes, or until the automated schedule kicks in?

thank you so much for any clarification that can be offered!

Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor


The button was deliberately labeled 'Force Night'.  The button is not a toggle to reverse the schedule or put it in a day or night mode for a particular period of time.  So if the business is in Night mode, there is no way to put the system back into Day mode short of changing the schedule or disabling the schedule altogether in the UC320W Configuration Utility.  If there is a lot of variability of the business hours, they might consider just using the Force Night button and disable the automatic schedule.  It just needs to be in the business' process to set the Force Night button at business open and business close.

Hope this helps.


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