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Power outage caused UC500 to lose startup configs...

We had an issue Monday morning where a customer's site lost power for an extended period of time.

When power cameback up, the UC500 would not boot up. Here are our technician's notes:

     " I connected to the UC500 via console port and the box was running, but it was asking me if i wanted to run the initial configuration, so the box lost the configuration which was stored in the startup NVRAM.  We had a backup of the config on the flash car, so I copied that to startup and reloaded and everything came back up. However, I had some weird issues with some static NATs, not sure why, but after reloading the system again, they started workign again."

This client is running 20T...

What I want to know is:   is this normal? Shouldn't a UC500 withstand a power outtage?  What should have been the expected behavior?

I have a TAC case open, but wanted the Cisco BU's ideas/advice/input...not just a TAC response.




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Damian Halloran


We had the exact same thing occur and found it was due to a bug in the IOS we were using. After upgrading to a later version (22T I think) this problem stopped.


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David Trad
Rising star

Hi Stacy,

I have only ever seen this one before, it was when i was plugging something into a power board the UC-500 was plugged into, needless to say i fried the board and the UC-500 had a very bad shutdown (It was a LAB system).

I have seen many UC's go down due to power outages, and not once seen them loose their information, but i am curious when you say that the customer lost power for an extended period of time, did the power ever come on and of say more then a couple of times during this period? I have heard but not seen it myself, when Power outages also turn into Brown outs I.E power comes up then fades away and sharpley comes back on before it completly dies down, the UC's loose their running configuration.

But as i said i can not completly qualify the those situations as i did not experience them first hand.

I would highly recommend that you place any UC-500 onto a UPS even if it is a bottom fo the range cheap one, if not for anything else but to just filter the power coming into the unit, if you choose a good quality one you can actually run the unit for a considerable amount of time, which can keep the customer happy as their phones will still be working (We also suggest they unplug some phones to reduce the PoE output as well).

Also, it is a good idea to now and then use the CUE GUI to make a backup of the CUE and its contents, regular maintance on this can save alot of information and can also assist with disaster recovery. Also make a backup of your running configuration file and store it onto the Flash Card on the UC to allow you to do a quick restor if this problem happens again.

I hope TAC assist you and get to the bottom of the problem, if you do get some resolution to this please share it with us.



Cheers, David Trad. **When you rate a persons post, you are indicating a thank you or that it helped, but at the same time you are also helping to maintain the community spirit - You don't have to rate posts and you wont be looked down upon :) *

Yes indeed we ALWAYS have the UC500 on it's very own UPS at our client's sites.

and I cannot speak to the power behavior as it was on a Sunday and the customer noticed from home when their email was down.

I am glad to be hearing from all posts that it doesn't always happen this way and it is not normal or standard that it loses start up configs.

Damian Halloran


We had the exact same thing occur and found it was due to a bug in the IOS we were using. After upgrading to a later version (22T I think) this problem stopped.


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What bug exactly are you referring to? Do you have the number?



No I not have specific bug number only the output from the output interpreter.

"The specific error that it came up with was:

%SYS-2-INTSCHED (x115): '[chars]' at level [dec]

Explanation: An internal software error has occurred. "

I should add that after our reboot from power failure I found that there was a crash report on the machine.

Interesting! You suspect and have experienced a bug and TAC has sited 2 bugs they think may be the issue...

I am waiting for their response with more detail, but they said we scored high on these in comparison to our IOS 20T:   CSCsr94207 and CSCsr56311.

Hope that helps you Marcos- do you need my TAC case#-can I post those on here?

I will be pleased to know that I can assure my customers this is not normal;however, we have upgraded 10 of our customers to 20T thus far and I am not very happy that there might be a bug that may affect them...guess we'll cross that bridge when we've confirmed the issue here.



TAC concluded that yes there is a bug in 20T casuing this issue. Upgrading will resolve it.

Thanks to all for your input and direction !