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Problem with UC320 locking up


I've been running my demo UC320W in my lab for several weeks while I fine tune a configuration that I intend to deploy in two weeks.  When the RC for firmware 2.2.1 was released I installed it with good results.  Earlier this week I installed the latest release (2.2.2.) and all seemed to be OK.

Twice I've seen the system "lock up" and several phones (but not all) would display random buttons lit up; no dial tone, etc.  Each time I had to power cycle the system to get it back to normal operation.  This happened once with 2.2.1 and once with 2.2.2 firmware.

My questions are:

1. have others seen this type of behavior?

2. the equipment for my client is arriving and I need to create the configuration; I was planning to restore from a backup but now I am wondering if I should rebuilt the config from scratch.

Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.

Mark Furlong


Hi Mark,

For the unit to be deployed at customer location, I suggest to perform a firmware upgrade first, then build the configuration from scratch.   You do not want to carry any leftover "baggage" from the test unit over to the customer's unit.

As far as the resets go, please open a case with our Cisco Small Business Support Center so that they can help collect information from your device, and help to understand the root cause of the reboots.

Here is the contact information for our Cisco Small Business Support Center:

How many phones are connected to the system?  If wireless is used, how many wireless client devices (type) were connected, and were any SPA525Gs connecting thru wireless?  WAN connectivity is constant- no WAN IP address changes?



Hello Julio,

Thanks for your reply.  Regarding building a new config from scratch, I was leaning in that direction and appreciate the confirmation that it is the best route.

One item I did not account for in my test lab; have a 10/100 switch that is of unknown reliability (non Cisco equipment).  I am replacing that with an 8 port ESW 520 which will be used at the client site.  I will watch this for a few days before opening a support case.

There are 4 phones in my test setup; one is a SPA525G2 but wireless is disabled.



p.s. I added the ESW520 to the setup and I had some trouble getting the phones registered.  after some further troubleshooting I found a problem with the network patch cable that was the uplink cable between the UC320 and the switch.  this was most likely the cause of the system "locking up", but I will watch it for a few days and report back if the problem reoccurs.

I have been having a similar issue with a client's UC320W. Periodically the system will lock up. When it locks up you can't make outgoing calls, and all incoming calls are answered with dead air after 2 rings. This requires a system reboot to resolve. Initially I though that this issue was being caused by the device overheating (as it does get quite hot), but even after moving it to a cooler location the device is still locking up. I have upgraded the firmware several times and it is currently on 2.2.2 and still experiencing the lock ups. I have several other deployments of this system and there is only the one that is experiencing this behaviour. Has anybody found a solution to this problem? Should I do a factory reset and rebuild the config?



Hi Greg,

We would like to try to figure out why you are seeing these lockups if at all possible.  Do enable logging (Status -> Support Tools -> Log) and try to capture all of the logs when the next lockup occurs before powercycling the unit.  It would be good if you could submit a Problem Report Feedback and include a link to this community discussion.  This will send us your config. 

When the lockups occur, can you make basic extension to extension calls?

A factory reset and rebuild from scratch will address any config problems, but if the problem is in the call processing code, it probably won't help.

Make sure the unit has clean power and isn't on the same circuit as a copier machine etc where it may cause temporary brownouts.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your response. I called in a ticket on this issue and we have gone as far as factory resetting the device and rebuilding the config from scratch. We are waiting to see if the lockup issue happens again. Yes the device is on a UPS, and I have also mounted them on the wall to try and reduce the ammount of heat the devices retain.