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Programming softkeys on SPA phones


I have several SPA509G phones running the SIP protocol with asterisk. I am able to configure the phones via their built in web interface and get them to register and make calls. However I cannot find any documentation on customizing the softkeys. I need to change the keys from their defaults to add selections like park etc. Via the webgui of the phone there is a section for programmable softkeys but changing those settings does not seems to have an effect it also is not clear on how to tell it what each button is doing. Either web based config or xml will do but I just cannot find the documentation. Thanks.



Hi, this is my basic understanding of it, with a 502g but should be the same.

<Idle_Key_List group="Phone/Programmable_Softkeys">psk1|7;em_login|1;acd_login|1;acd_logout|1;redial|5;resume|5;dir|6;avail|6;unavail|6;cfwd|7;chkcfwd|7;dnd|8;chkdnd |8;lcr|9;pickup|10;gpickup|11;unpark|12;em_logoutIdle_Key_List>

<PSK_1 group="Phone/Programmable_Softkeys">fnc=sd;ext=8@$PROXY;vid=2;nme=groupPSK_1>

I have used the above to create a group pick-up button. Basically change ext=8 above to whatever code you want the button to send to asterisk and then change 'group' to whatever you want the button to be called. Please note you also need to add psk1|7; to the Idle_Key_List field to make the button visible in the menu structure.

There is a little more on this in the spa500 admin guide. let me know if you need a link to this. Hope this helps anyway.


That worked for me. Thanks!

i may have a question to that.

First thx for the explanation

I like to edit the DND button to send a dial code to my pbx to set the status there as well to DND.

So i started:


and on the psk1 i added:


Its a bit annoining that the phone acually calls that, but well i set it to speed dial. Is there optimization possible?

But i dont geht the toggle working first the *61 and then *60 when i repress the button.

Also in the display is only psk and not first Away and then Aval???

What can i do?


Found Name, but the toggel in funktion and display does not work...

Thx already

Dear Sir;

What you like to do (call to synchronize services) is available via the vertical service announcement codes. For full understanding I suggest you check the phone administration guide available on the documentation section