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Real time reporting (RTR)



in uc540,

How do I configure  Real time reporting (RTR) in .

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David Trad
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Rising star

Hi Kobi,

The Cisco UC-500 series products do not do "Real-Time Reporting" as such, the best they can achieve is "Near Real-Time" and this can only be achieved via CDR file output to an FTP server.

How this operates is that the UC will create a CDR text file, it will leave it open for 60 minutes and periodically report to it, when I say periodically, I mean that once it has something to report it will deposit information to it.

Then at the end of the 60 minutes it closes that file and opens another one.

This is the best you are going to get until Cisco migrate the entire system over to support SIP through and through, and even then you wont be able to do much until they have API or a way to interface to the system to capture the data real-time unless you are part of the Cisco Dev community and are quite good a programming

For now though you can use the CDr record output as the method of reporting, and this can be easily turned on using CCA, you might though need to trouble shoot the FTP details that CCA creates as there is a bug with it, and I am not sure if they have fixed this up yet



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Hi david,

thank you for you answer,

Sorry that I replay only now I was out of state.

if I browse to in the UC540

under Reports - > Real Time Reports ,

I have options that look like real time but it's not working.

If it's not real time what is this option?

That is not a real long term report.  it is just a short period activity.

There are 2 ways to do it right.

One way is to do it via syslog server.  Which is as near realtime as it goes.

The easy way is to do it via ftp.  CCA supports it.  Just setup an internal ftp server and the cme will write almost in realtime the calling activity.

However, there are 2 issues.

First one is that there are 2 type of CDR formats.  Long format and short format.  When you turn it on via CCA, it enables the long format.  There is a lot of nice information in there, but for some folks, it is way way too much stuff.

The second issue and is more of a bigger one, is that when you enable CDR reporting in CCA, it creates a new file every hour.  That means, in 24 hours, there will be 24 new files, even if there is no phone activity, it still creates a new file.

The way I do it is, enable it via CCA and it will create a config like below:

gw-accounting file

primary ftp username xxxx password xxxx

maximum buffer-size  15

maximum retry-count 3

maximum fileclose-timer 60

maximum cdrflush-timer 50

Once I enable via CCA, i save the config and go in via cli, go to CONFIG T and go into gw-accounting file.

and change maximm fileclose-timer 1440

which is the max and is supposed to be the defaul.

So after you get out and write the config. Check the cme config and you will see the line is gone, meaning you took the default.

This way, there is only one file per 24 hours.

The next issue is the software to parse the log files.  There are a bunch of software out there, but I have not found a good one for my simple activity reports.  Either they are too expensive and do a lot and others, dont do enough.

I would like others to chime in regarding some inexpensive software which can do simple activity reports.

Hope this help.

Hi Kobi,

I cannot add much more on what Econsystems has given you as it is pretty much accurate.

Suffice to say that the CDR reporting web page that you are referring to, is no longer under development if I am not mistaken, or is no longer actively maintained... It will work and so long as they retain the GUI it will remain there unless they decide to remove it, but it is not as it was a long time ago where you could download the reports as a CSV file.

And if you know anyone who is a coder/scriptor, then it wouldn't be hard to get them to write you up a small web script in PEARL or PHP to parse the CDR files, it doesn't take much effort for someone who knows what they are doing



Cheers, David Trad. **When you rate a persons post, you are indicating a thank you or that it helped, but at the same time you are also helping to maintain the community spirit - You don't have to rate posts and you wont be looked down upon :) *

Hi David and Econsystems,

thank you for your answers again,

CDR art not real time, I look for a real time activity and I saw the web ( reportes-> real time reports)

and I thought that you can from there to

enable and see real time.

I want to see status of every user (LogIn/out/incoming/outgoing call) real time but I understand that no such option.

CDR give the status after the call ended.

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