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Record all calls and forward to email

Is it yet possible to record all calls on a UC540 (without user intervention)

I'm happy for the calls to end up in private mail boxes (or one mailbox) - assuming I can pickup the message and delete it from the UC using a standard email package?

Or if there is anyother way to easily collec tthe recorded calls and make room for new ones.

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

No, there is no way to do that.

You need to use an external call recorder for anything that goes beyond the "live record" feature of Unity Express.

Is it possible to enable 'live record' for every call, if we were happy

with the way that function works.

We are looking to supply a new system but the customer has this


As mentioned above already: It is not possible.

You will need to quote a third-party recording system to satisfy your customer requerements.


I have been very happy with Telrex call recording.  The current version provides an web interface, searchable, and there is a checksum for it, to verify that it is 'proper'.


Hi Tim,

There are a couple of considerations that need to be looked at which would probably explain why on the UC "Live Record" cannot be setup to automatically do it for every call.

In most regions it would be illegal to record every conversation without first advising the user and giving them the ability to opt out of it, hence why every single call center you call, you would hit an announcement server first before being directed to someone taking the call.

For Cisco they would have to implement a way for this to be done, otherwise the burden of responsibility would fall on them, that is a heavy legal burden and one they have probably considered many times during the development cycles of the UC... Again I point out that this was probably not in their roadmap when they were designing the hardware and the IOS feature sets at the time it was brought to market.

For the UC there is a way to create an announcement server by using the AA, but this is probably not what Cisco has intended with the UC-500 when it was first designed, given that it was only ever designed for small businesses who generally do not have the requirement you want (At the time, which I understand times have changed). In order for Cisco to introduce this to the UC they would have to modify quite a fair bit to get this feature into play.... Yes not what you wanted to hear, but it is often misunderstood hence why I have posted this, believe me I have canvassed this territory for quite sometime and it always lead to the same path.

Your only option would be to go third-party for automatic recording, however please make sure that said third-party conforms to your local regulations, here in Australia recording a conversation without giving the caller an opt out is a federal offence and in breach of our telecommunications act, thus there are certain requirements of any third-party applications one has to consider.

Good luck and I hope you find what you want Alternatively, make it second nature to the staff to announce the recording themselves and then hit the LR button, it is a pain I know, but hey it works



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