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Recording a ringtone


I have been able to record and play back ringtones on my 7945 and softphones, but the playback sounds awful.

I have used the .raw file format.

I have used the 8 bit signaling.

I recorded the sound file using a Logitech headset (not the most expensive one in the world), through a sound card on an XP computer.

Do you think this is why there is such a  lack of quality in the ringtone?
When you play back the ringtone on the computer, before uploading it to the UC500 flash, it plays back with clear quality.


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Recording a ringtone

I had a similar issue.  We were trying to download a silent ringtone.  Our issue was, it would contain distortion/noise after file was converted.  I actually downloaded a silent ringtone for my cellphone on a desktop computer from a random website. Then I transfered the file.  For whatever reason this worked great!!  Hope it helps.


Recording a ringtone

Hi Levi

Do you have any more details on what a 'silent' ringtone is?

Do you have more discrete steps of how you accomplished this?

Thanks in advance!


Recording a ringtone

Let me look at it again to give you more detailed steps.  The “Silent Ringtone” we used is just that, its Silent.  We used it on customers phones that wanted a shared line but did not want to listen to it ring all the time.  Therefore the phone is technically ringing on an incoming call.  You can see the incoming call displayed on the phone, but you cannot hear it ring. The phone itself has the silent ringtone chosen from the UC540 for that line.  This was on a UC540 and  7960 phones.  We had to add the Silent Ringtone to the System.  Then choose it on the phone for that specific line.