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Resetting password on SPA504G


Hi there,

We purchased an SPA504G Handset from someone on eBay. We're using the phones with a hosted solution from Gradwell, but need to access the admin menu in order to put in all of the gateway details.

Unfortunately, when I login via IP to the phone, I get asked for a username and password to visit the admin section. In addition to this, if I try to reset the phone to factory defaults, I get asked for the admin password.

I've been trying to find the defaults on the internet and have tried all the obvious password combinations (admin/admin, admin/password, admin/login, administration/password and so on) but haven't had any luck.

Is there a way I can force a factory reset on the phone? I've spoken to the previous owner and they're convinced there isn't a password on the handset... We've got some Linksys SPA942's in the office and have never had an issue with these, but the Cisco phone is new to us.


Any advice would be great!

Many thanks,

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Dan Lukes

Unfortunately, reset to factory default can be configured by authorized administrator to be protected by password. If such protection is set, you are out of luck. It's intended behavior - unauthorized user should not be able to reset phone's configuration.

Even worse, you may have OEM restricted/customized unit. Check phones WWW UI, Info tab, Product Information section, value of Customization. Or phone's menu, Product Info, Customization. Unless it's 'open' value here, you has been cheated as the phone in question is customized/restricted for the particular purpose and you will not take full control over it's features.

I've spoken to the previous owner and they're convinced there isn't a password on the handset

Not counting he may be just lying, he may responded to "did you set a password" instead of "is there a password set" question. All at all, there is a password set, you don't know them and phone is secured against factory reset.


Well. Check Profile_Rule configuration. If you can order your phone to download configuration prepared by you, you may be able to reset the password. With no admin password you are unable to modify Profile_Rule, but you may reconfigure your network in attempt to cheat your phone. It may or may not be possible - it depend mainly on current value of Profile_Rule*.



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