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RTSP support for spa525g2

                   I just bought this phone to demo at customers sites.

My goal was to show this phone with a streaming vid from my laptop since i dont have a camera available,
so i setup vlc to stream vid. I used the url as described in this doc
Access URL: URL in the form of rtsp://<IP_of_Camera>/img/jpgvideo.sav, for example rtsp:// It is very important that you use this exact format.

Access Username and Access Password: The credentials for a user created on the camera. This user can also be the administrator (user admin password admin by default).

However i get a black screen. My thought was any rstp stream should be seen on the phone, reguardless of brand
etc. RSTP is a supported protocol.

Can you help me get these phones sold?


William R

Frequent Contributor

Hi, the only camera supported with this phone is WVC2300 and PVC2300.

Ok, then it looks like the 500 phones I was going to sell to this client are going to have to be polycom or avaya. I dont think this is really an acceptable answer. I think if the phone supports video, it should be open. I also wish this phone had a faster switch in it, that being said, it only supports 100mb, by now all phones should support 1gb speeds, and not only that maybe even 10gb LOL. While we are at it on the wish list it would be nice if they came out with a uc590 that has a faster cpu, a better wireless, and also faster switching. Many small business clients are not buying the uc540 anymore or the 320, its a very tough sell because now those boxes are the bottle neck.


William R

Yep customer approved purchase of 500 polycoms. I really wanted to sell em the cisco.


I have exact the same Problem. Me as a small business owner got the phones in hope that there is a universal rtsp support to view an existing camera system inhouse.

but no, only supported to cisco-cameras.

it would be really nice to open this for every rtsp stream. there are still updates for the phone so you could delete the restriction in the next updates.

are there people who hacked the rtsp stream so that it shows it on the phone? maybe there is a way to "fake" an cisco-ip-camera rtsp-stream.

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