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Joseph Chambers

SCC - Activating Server PAK

How long does it take to Activate license?

Do you have to confirm an email?

Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee

Hi Joe;

Activation is inmediate. Once you apply it, it will go to a pending validation state. This is a background state to allow offline validation, once it will go to validated, however it is active inmediately after Activation.

During ordering, you need to provide an email address to deliver the SKU. Delivery typically takes 24-48 hours to deliver.


I has been 2 business days since I entered the PAK during install.  I haven't seen an email come in.  What do I need to do now to get validated and activated?

Hi Joe,

I had an issue the other day activating the the SCC server components. I was trying to use the activation utility but wasn't having much luck. After stopping all the services and using the Configuration Manager to enter the serial number and then restarting all the services I was able to use SCC again. Try giving that a shot if you haven't already.


Hi Joe,

Alberto is correct, the licence you received is active almost immediately after you install it on the SCC server as per my screen capture below. The SCC server must have internet connectivity so it can register with a validation server online. In my case, during the install wizard it asked me for a PAK ID which i entered , the software then must have validated my PAK ID with a validation server somewhere online and my software continued to install without error.

If that is not the case, you may have to open a case with the small Business support center and let them either help you or allow them to escalate the issue to their next level of support.

The URL below gives you contact details for the wonderful folks at the Small Business Support Center.

regards dave

I opened a case.

They noticed that install path says Call Connector... and licensing is for UCC Server.

I installed Cisco_SCC_Server_2.0.0.89b.

I just checked it and it now says a Full License.

Small Biz support says it could take a week to convert to Full Lic.  In my case, it took 3 business days.

Hi Joe,

I guess a Full license is a working box that supports up to 8 advanced clients 'off the bat.'

great news, strange that it took so long ...hmm

have fun with it, it's a interesting application that makes using a phone system fun. 

regards Dave

I got them 2 Operator licenses too.

Not as good as attendant console, but I still like it.