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Self-Care Portal

Greetings Market Trial community,

Has anyone been able to successfully utilize the Self-Care portal yet? Is there a way to use the portal without SSL installed? I am unable to, by default load anything HTTPS for the CUPM server, assuming due to needing the openssl install process completed first for the CUPM ova. Does this mean self-care is then inaccessible to the end users until this is set up? I have been able to access the self-care pages from the pmadmin side from the user list in CUPM administration pages, but unable to log in or otherwise access as the EU themselves. Kind of defeats the purpose of self-care in that fashion. Perhaps I am missing something regarding the configuration, but it would be nice to have access as an EU to actually test the self-care MAC provisioning by the user.

Also before posting this, my pmadmin user/password is somehow no longer valid for the web login or ssh.. anyone know a password reset method I can initiate from ssh/root? It has been about a week since I had last logged in to it and nobody else has access yet so it should not have changed. Password expiration set on the pmadmin account with no warning or forced change on next login? Will try rebooting the CUPM and seeing what happens.

The "Problems logging in?" button on the CUPM login interface is also a bit confusing...enter the supposed current password then type the new one twice, with no entry of what the username should be, question validating account ownership, or request query sent to the pmadmin account for a password reset to be initiated? Does not seem to work currently for my instance of having a problem logging in.

A lot of questions here but hopefully not too difficult. Let me know anything you all have encountered/discovered with the self-care portal.