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Fred Ferrell

Setting up General Delivery Mailbox on UC520 w/ SPA 504G IP Phones

I will start from the beginning... A call comes in on one of four FXO lines and the auto attendant answers.  There are two options.  If the user hits #1, they are forwarded to a Call Blast Group (ext 511) that several users can answer.  If the caller hits #2, they get a call by name directory.

Now to focus on the behaviors if option #1 is selected.  The Call Blast Group will ring for 16 seconds and then go to voicemail box #511.  Let's say the caller leaves a voicemail.  I would like to setup for the users in the group to see that a voicemail is in the Call Blast Groups mailbox on their individual phone.  My thoughts were to add extension 511 on line button 2 on their  phones, but I can't find any documentation on how to do so.  I have been using the CCA software for the most part to configure this system, but CLI will work too.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


Alexander Maroukian
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Hi Fred,

Please check this link:

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You should create a floating extension (DN) with voice mail, which will be used as the General Delivery Mailbox (GDM). Then, when you are configuring the Blast Group, choose to forward to voice mail of the floating extension previously created. Finally, you should assign that floating extension to a line button on every phone that you want to get a notification of the voice mail left in the General Delivery Mailbox.

I watched a Cisco Small Business support guy type in the in the Hunt Group (Blast Group) configuration window's CFNA field instead of just typing in there. However, I don't think this is necessary because there's also a check box there, ticking which forwards calls to the voice mail of the specified extension. So, if you tick that check box and type in the floating extension there, the call should be forwarded to the GDM instead of ringing that floating extension. I can look up the details if you need them, but this should be pretty straight forward.

We are in the same boat but after you create the floating extension, what type of line button do you create.  You would think a shared button but that isn't working for us.  We found it more functional if we just created a shared extension that has VM enabled then just tag the shared line on other phones.  Can you elaborate a little on how you use the Floating Extension method?


David Trad
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Hi Fred,

Telecastle has the right idea, it is one way of achieving that the MWI


I watched a Cisco Small Business support guy type in the   in the Hunt Group  (Blast Group) configuration window's CFNA field instead of just typing  in  there. However, I don't think this is necessary  because there's also a check box there, ticking which forwards calls to  the voice mail of the specified extension.

To some degree it is, when you use the TrasferVM option via the steering digit, the voice-mail deposited will have a link back to the original caller or the blast group, if however you put an explicit rule on the floating DN to forward all calls to the VM it will appear as though the call came from the floating DN and not the originating caller... Just thought you may want to point that out

The Other method is to apply notifications on the GDM that is associated to the Blast Group, you could potentially use IMAP for this and on an exchange server setup a distribution group, it is also another crude method but they are the tried and provide methods and the only two I would recommend.

No matter what keep it CCA driven, the minute you bring CLI into the equation is the minute you forgo many things with support being one of the major factor and CCA support being the other.

Let us know if you require any further information



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