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Shared DN with CCA2.0

Recently I setup a Shared DN for my primary extension number. The DN was sahred between my office phone 7975 and my IP Communicator on my Laptop. Everything worked as expected after this was setup with one side effect.

I could no longer see/receive a second call on my office telephone. I never tested this with my IP Communicator but I assume it woul behave the same way. If I received and answered call #1 then along comes call number #2. Call #2 would not appar on my phone. I coul dnot see the call or have nay ring indicator so I could have any chance to aswner call #2.

Is this a byproduct of using a shared DN or could this be a misconfiguration or a bug. The configuration of the Shared DN was done by using the document associated with this post


We are having the same exact issue with sharing a DN out between a customer and their receptionist.  This DN is not shared between a physical phone and IP Communicator, but between 2 physical phones.   

Could both of you post configs?  I can test this on my system later, but I don't remember how CCA configured this.

Also, what software pack are you running?

Steve, I've attached the full config.  We are using pack 7.0.3

Here is the particular line that shared out:

ephone  1
device-security-mode none
mac-address 0025.8418.19A1
ephone-template 16
username "KTaylor" password 1384
fastdial 1 3039213516 name Marcie Cell
fastdial 2 3036793516 name Home
speed-dial 1 0261 label "Diane Foster"
speed-dial 2 6661 label "Brent"
speed-dial 3 0264 label "Jorge"
speed-dial 4 6654 label "Ryan"
speed-dial 5 6656 label "Jared"
speed-dial 6 6653 label "Kyle"
speed-dial 7 0260 label "Jan"
type 7975
button  1:10

ephone  15
device-security-mode none
mac-address 0021.1BFC.A273
max-calls-per-button 2
username "dfoster" password 1384
type 524G
button  1:26 2:10

ephone-dn  10  dual-line
number 6651 secondary xxxxxxx6651 no-reg primary
label 6651
description 6651
name Kevin Taylor
call-forward busy 6000
call-forward noan 6000 timeout 20
huntstop channel

ephone-dn  26  dual-line
number 0261 secondary xxxxxxx0261 no-reg primary
label 0261
description Diane Foster
name Diane Foster
call-forward busy 6000
call-forward noan 6000 timeout 20

Software Pack is 7.0.3

For this unit the entire config has been done with CCA 2.0 except for the following lines...

Enabled Wireless Headset remote Hookswitch

UC520(config)# telephony-service
UC520(config-telephony)# service phone ehookEnable 1

U520(config-telephony)# create cnf-files

Removed inspection of esmtp traffic

This is known to block inbound and outbound e-mail with E-mail Servers

UC520(config)# no ip inspect name SDM_LOW esmtp

The Shared ephone-dn and ehones are

ephone-dn  16 7975

ephone-dn  10 CIPC

ephone  9

ephone  15

Both of you are configured with huntstop channel on the ephone-dn, which says to do the behavior you are describing.  Let me go talk to some guys to see if I can find out why this configuartion is made for shared lines.

It's been some time since the last post. Does anyone have any more information on this issue?

I have recreated this same issue in the lab  (with CCA 2.1) and verified that the huntstop channel is present in the show run command. I do not have an answer as to why this is the case since I am not a product engineer for this device. I did notice that when I made a call both internal (ext. to ext.) and external (pstn to ext.) the SLA on the other phone showed ringing even when I had answered the call from another phone. Only after placing the call on hold and then resuming the call did the other phone show that the call had been answered.

As for the shared dn, if you manually remove the huntstop channel then it will beep on the active call. It will not however show the new incoming call on the other phone. This sounds like a product feature not a limitation of the device. I am sure there was a good reason for the design, maybe a design engineer can add some comments.


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