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Shared extension behavior when busy?


Here's the scenario - customer operates two different companies out of the same location. The calls come in on two different PSTN hunt groups, but they all will come straight into the AA. The AA menu will ask the user to select the company they are trying to reach (they are planning on dropping to one PSTN hunt group). We need to give user's a simple way to identify which company the caller is trying to reach. We'll have a total of six handsets on their system, all SPA504's.

One option would be to set up two shared extensions that are present on everyone's phone - one for each company. The AA would then forward the call to the appropriate shared extension. For CFNA, we'll send the caller to a group voice mailbox. My question is what happens when someone has an active call on the shared extension? Is that extension then busy and no one can answer a second call coming in or do the remaining handsets still ring on the shared extension button?

The other option we're thinking is to create two sets of internal extensions and then place them in two different call blast groups. That seems a little messier, but I'm not sure how the shared extension behaves when it's in use.


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Alexander Maroukian
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