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Single Number Reach Changes Inbound CLID# on Phone?

I am stumped with this one - hoping someone may have dealt with a similar situation and can help me.

I have a customer with a UC540 with SIP to the PSTN.

Several users have Single Number Reach configured on their phones.  It works fine with inbound calls ringing both their IP phones and mobiles simultaneously.

They would like the main office number (rather than original CLID of the caller) to be sent to the mobile phone as CLID, so they know it's an SNR call and not someone calling their mobile directly.

Should be easy - just add the command: snr calling-number local to the ephone-dn ... which I've done.  And it works ... the mobile phone shows the main office number.

So, here's the strange behavior ...

If the user is in the office and has SNR enabled, and they pick up their IP phone to answer the call, the CLID on their IP phone changes to the main office number (they lose the original CLID). 

It's a problem for many of them, as they like to keep the SNR enabled 100% of the time ... and if they want to go into their "Received Calls" list to call someone back, they see a whole bunch of entries with the office main number.  Or if they want to jot someone's number down while speaking with them, they can't as the CLID on their IP phone changed to the main office number. 

Not sure if this behaviour is by design, or if it's a bug ... Any ideas for a fix or workaround on this one?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Single Number Reach Changes Inbound CLID# on Phone?


If using CCA, in the outgoing dialplan change the outbound caller iD option from internal number to any number.

This will allow it when SNR is used the cell phone will display the Caller ID from the office and also allow you on the IP phone to see the original caller ID. Remove the CLI command(s) you used to change outbound CID for SNR.

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Single Number Reach Changes Inbound CLID# on Phone?

Thanks Mario - I tried your suggestion but unfortunately same result.

I've replicated this on my lab system - you can try for yourself so you see what I mean:

1. Set up SNR on a line on your IP phone to call your cell phone after 5 seconds

2. Change the "Outbound Caller ID" option to "Any Number" as you've suggested ... or use CLI command: snr calling-number local ... (they seem to do the same thing)

3. Have someone external call your SNR line to test

When your IP phone rings, you'll see the external callers NAME and NUMBER ... wait 5 seconds for SNR to kick in (ie. wait for your cell phone to ring), then answer the IP PHONE ... you'll see on your IP phone that the callers NAME has stayed the same, but their call ID NUMBER has now changed to your MAIN OFFICE NUMBER.  Again, they would like the number on the IP Phone to stay as the original CALL ID, so it populates their "Received Calls" list properly ... they just want to flash a unique call ID to their cell phones on SNR calls, so they know its an incoming SNR call and not a call direct to their cell.  

If anyone has a workaround to this it would be much appreciated. 

Is there a way to set a specific call ID number (and name) to be sent for outbound SNR calls?  Anyone know how to do this?



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Single Number Reach Changes Inbound CLID# on Phone?

this caller-id issue is getting complicated depends on the SIP provider, since some SP reject call if caller-id is not in the range of thier assgined DIDs. without the information what SP using, try this see if works.


calling-number initiator

this will keep the orginal pstn number as caller-id in the both phone.


I realize this is an old post

I realize this is an old post, but did you ever find a resolution to this? I have the same issue