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Brook Powers

SIP Service Provider - How to extract or create a XML Template?

After several days I just got my UC-540 to support my small ISP's Asterisk based SIP service. My ISP is not yet listed as a supported SIP provider.

Is there a way to extract my successful configuration in XML or alternatively to build a XML file, so I can share it with others to prevent the same pain?

If I can build an XML file, perhaps they can easily import it as a SIP SERVICE PROVIDER XML TEMPLATE.



Accepted Solutions

This is covered in the following thread.

I hope this helps.

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I'm also interested in this feature since all of the standard templates is useless for my country and I use five different SIP providers with the UC series.

This is covered in the following thread.

I hope this helps.

View solution in original post

Cisco has a set of tests we request SIP trunk S.P.s run and share results with us to become "designated" and added to the SIP Trunk pull down menu in CCA.

In addition to this, there is a "generic" option in the pull down that you can use to manually enter credentials and SBC or Proxy/registrar server IP addresses for a non designated carrier.

Beyond this, Maulik does provide  custom template service to integrate a SIP Trunk SP with CCA using an XML template you can import and it will appear.  You may need to wait till after Cisco reopens in the new year, as we are generally closed across all of Cisco at this time (except for TAC and SBSC pretty much).

Just be careful that you understand the risks of running SIP Calls over a 'bring your own broadband" type environment as unless there is a demarcation router provided at the Small Business, there is no way a SP can commit to either a SLA or Voice packet (Media and signaling) QOS, which could lead to a very bad voice quality experience.

Steve DiStefano

Systems Engineer

U.S. Field Channel Sales Team

We have been very happy with our previous experience using a hosted VOIP provider. Unfortunately, we kept pushing up against the feature limits of the Cisco phones, under the providers Broadsoft switch and other issues associated with partitioning a single system for multiple tenants.

For internet connectivity we use Comcast Business Class cable. With 16M down/3M up its the most bandwidth available for the money. We added a Kentrox 1300 QOS device at the edge of our internal network. With just 5 users, after correctly configuring the QOS, call quality has never been a problem.

On the other hand, configuring a generic SIP provider and the quirkiness of the UC540's SIP configuration page, has been a real headache. The SIP TRUNK Proxy Registrar and Outbound server fields dont expand with the window and act bizarre by cutting off characters and truncating entries when entering our provider's data, "".

If you still need an XML template - please go through the below link and provide info on this thread:

Based on that will generate an XML template for your testing.