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Smart CallConnector Operator Console for UC500


I just bought 1 license for this software, and now have av valid PAK.

I have some problems when running the product license registration...

In step 3 I am sked for cpu id and ucc machine id. And to get these, I have to start the installation of the Smart CallConnector Operator Console for UC500....

But when I try to download from the link below, i have to register the product license first... ??!!??

Where can I download this software, and/or what other program can be used to get ucc machine id and cpu id?




Your link is in the UCC SW, you want to instead select the SCC SW to get the attendant

Then you can install it and apply the license as you install...

(click image to enlarge and look about the UCC highlight for SCC



Just the same when I try to download from here:

To download this software, you must Log In with your user id and have a valid Technical Support Services Agreement associated to your user ID

  • If you have forgotten your ID or password you can retrieve or reset your password at Password Management
  • If you do not have an ID you can create one at Registration
  • If you do not have a Technical Support Services Agreement, you can get one through:
    • Your Cisco Account Team if you have a direct purchase agreement with Cisco
    • Your Cisco Partner or Reseller
  • Once you have the Technical Support Services Agreement you must associate your Technical Support Services Agreement to your user ID with Profile Manager

Ahhh.. OK.  Profile problem.....  I dont know what to do there....  I would call SBSC and ask them this.  You need a CCO ID for sure, but I didnt think you needed any support agreement to download since you will accept an EULA on the fly....

But when you do get that fixed (a CCO ID) download this SW:

and then follow these notes (cheat notes)



But I already have a CCO id which is connected with my certifications... -and I can download files for uc560!!

-just cisco in a....


Download of the SCC/UCC software requires a SASU contact to be associated with the user's CCO account. (SASU=software application support + Upgrades, support contract for UCC. Access to sw download center requires any support contract associated to user cco account.)

If you continue to have access issues, please send me a private email and we will send you a link to a download site.


UCC Team


The SCC Operator supports two license registration methods -- On-Line Activation and Off-Line using the Swift License file. Of the two, the On-Line Activation is most straightforward. During installation, in the license page enter the PAK-ID and click on Activate. This will register a valid PAK-ID with the license server and you can continue with the installation. See figure below.


The Off-Line method requires you to click on the Advanced Options button, obtain the Machine ID and CPU informaiton, then log in to the Swift license site, enter this information to be emailed a license file. You will then need to browse and select the license file from the Advanced Options page. Many more steps.


UCC Team

Hello shtalukd,

I sent you a private message... -still no go with downloading software.




Well, I sent a mail to about this. -you cannot download this software unless you have a valid Technical Support Services Agreement. Just buying the software with a valid PAK key, is just waste off money.... If someone told me this support agreement is so important, i would have bought it long time ago together with the software... :-(


Dear David,

Thank you for contacting Cisco.

I reviewed your ID and found it has a guest user access level. Certain software needs additional access and cannot be downloaded by a Registered Guest user. To download this software you need to have a valid Technical Support Services Agreement. This can be obtained by:

-Contacting your Cisco Account team if you have a Direct Purchase Agreement.

- Contacting a Cisco Partner or Reseller to purchase a service agreement .


- Use the Profile Manager to update your profile and request association to service agreement.


Free downloadable software can be identified by the absence of a lock symbol after logging in with a guest account. If you are logged in with a guest account and see the lock symbol it means the software requires a valid service contract to be associated to your profile.

To download software, please visit: