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SP504G Extension Mobility LOGIN UC540



I have to (remotely) configure extension mobility on some phone. In particular i want the users to login before they can use them.


how do they login? i asssigned a test phone to extension mobility.. but i have no idea how the user can login (i created a user profile via CCA)





Its a 3 stage process.

1.       Create a Phone profile (AKA extension) this will be used by the phone when logged out.

CCA-Configure-Telephony-Users and extensions – users and phones then select extension mobility tab. You can set restrictions here e.g. only allow internal and emergency calls.

Here create a phone profile under the Phone profile tab.

2.       Create a User Profile (AKA user extension) in the same menu location as above except select the user profile tab. This is for your users. The userid and password here will be used to login to the phones when you press the extension mobility softkey on an extension mobility phone.

3.       Finally to enable a phone for extension mobility select user extensions under the menu - CCA-Configure-Telephony-Users and extensions – users and phones -  user extensions tab. Edit a phone you want to enable for extension mobility and select the checkbox to enable extension mobility and select the associated phone profile created in step 1.

Hope this helps.


hi craig!

thanks but how do i login tothe phone and logout from the phone?

the customer cant see anything special there lol



CME Services Button on the IP Phone.

You know you can build this with CCA 3.0, right?


This VOD shows how to do log in.


i am using cca 3.0 yes.

i have no idea how to build this. i havent the phones in front of me thats the problem.

the 504g doenst have that facy screen..

the customer just dont finds the button.... the "offline" mode is working fine so far.

Here is a short VOD how to build it :-)

thansk again steven... but i still have no idea how to log in on a sp504g ?!


On the phone, there is a button under the voice mail envelope button that looks like a page with the corner dogeared.

Thats the settings button.

Press it and scroll down to option 4 CME Services.  Press it or (4)

Then scroll down to Extension Mobility (3) and press it and login using the keypad.


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