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SPA 508G general voicemail sequence

I have configured a phone system for a car dealership using 508 and 509G's. All phones have a personal voicemail box for the user that is accessible via the voicemail button on the phone. (*99)

Is there a way I could create a secondary voicemail box appearance on the LCD screen (say ext line 3) to give user's in a specific department the ability to direct dial the general voicemail box for the department?

For example:

The current process to check the "service" department's voicemail is: press vmail button, get voicemail greeting, press * then # and it asks you for your mailbox number, 12345678910# and now they are in the service voicemail.

Can I just program that into essentialy a voicemail speed dial? Is there a way I can show that voicemail boxes status on the screen (message waiting notification flashing near BLF) so they know if that mailbox has a message in it?

Anybody have any tricks or sequences I could try?

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