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SPA 514G Callerid on user change vs. Caller history


We have made some changes to the phonebook.xml and internal callerid structure to our Asterisk system.

Some phones still show the old user's callerid name, while others are showing the updated one when calling.

We suspect this is due to the phone using the callerid history to match the extension to the old user name. Since deleting the entrie companies callerid history is not proper (or manually removing it from each phone) what is the solution to this issue.

Please note we have not been able to confirm that this is the cause, but it most certainly appears the phone is the source.

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Dan Lukes

I'm wondering you can't confirm that clearing history on the phone resolve the issue on it or not.

You may consider to read Remote end name versus device local lists

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You are correct, clearing the call history has resolved the issue.

How do I bypass the issue?

This seems almost like a deal breaker for Ciscos in my sales list if it can't be changed. My customer has already stated that having to clear call lists after every change is awkward and unacceptable in a large organization.

Only new firmware can solve this.

But there are only four people on the world asking for such feature (based on "I have this problem too" button, rating and comments under ) - you, me, Joao Oliveira and Peter Galiovski. It's not too much, so I assume near-to-zero activity on it from Cisco's side.

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This is not good news. There has to be a better way to support a system wide change on a large ecosystem of phones other than "Clear all call lists manually". Is there at least a way to do it from tftp or script provisioning (or even remove the offending entry)?

Right now this is pretty final for our use of Cisco phones in large installs. There never was a really compelling argument for the whole Polycom vs. Cisco thing until now. This is a huge red flag, and I've been using them since the Linksys SPA days.

Can we get a support tech to chime in here at least?

You can try to use SIP NOTIFY to invoke CiscoIPPhoneExecute XSI script. It should contain something like:

   <executeitem priority="0" url="Init:CallHistory"></executeitem>
   <executeitem priority="0" url="SoftKey:Exit"></executeitem>

Unfortunately, XSI interface not well documented for SPA phones and it's hard to debug the problems as debug messages are not so verbose according XML operations. In advance,  I have problems to invoke CiscoIPPhoneExecute on 7.5.x firmwares the same way it work on 7.4.9 but I didn't analyzed the problem yet.

Resources important for you:

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We have the same issue and -- exactly as you've said -- it's a dealbreaker. One customer already stopped considering Cisco phones for a new installation based on this.

Nathan Thomas

Yes I've had this problem on the SPA504G for years and it is super annoying. It appears to cache and use the caller ID from past phone calls instead of actually using what's provided in the SIP message and you can't turn it off that I've found. So dumb, especially when this should be an easy fix.

You can set the SIP->Caller ID Header to “RPID-FROM” to ignore PAID.

<Caller_ID_Header group="SIP/SIP_Parameters">RPID-FROM</Caller_ID_Header>
Instead of: PAD-RPID-FROM

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