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SPA 5XX Single Button BLF & Unpark?

Just wondering if anyone has successfully implemented a single button Park user BLF & Unpark SD using any of the new Broadworks Call Park Enhancements that have been added to the recent SPA3XX / 5XX firmware loads.

I'd like to have an unused line key, or a key on a SPA 500S Side Car, act as a Park User BLF (monitors Park Status on a user / extension) but instead of just acting as a Speed Dial to call that user / extension, when pressed, have it act as a Speed Dial to actually unpark a call from that user / extension.

Let's say I have an SPA508G, with lines 5-8 set up to monitor Ext's 101, 102, 103, 104, so that when someone parks a call onto one of those ext's, the Line Key LED changes to red to indicate a call is parked there (I believe the default is to change to a slow red flash). If I configure this using the Broadworks BLF service on my main SPA508G user (the one assigned to line 1), I can set up the BLF buttons with no issues (including the speed-dial ability). When one of those BLF lines (5 through 8) has a call parked on it, though, and I press that line key, it simply dials the Ext that's being monitored by that key, ie if i press Line 5, it simply dials "101".

What I'd like is to be able to have the BLF on Line 5 monitor Park status for Ext 101, but when you press the Line 5 key, to have it peform an Unpark, followed by Ext 101, and then #.

Using firmware 7.5.1 or above, I can create a separate speed dial button, which includes a pause, to perform this (using the extended function "fnc=sd;ext=*88 ,101#@$PROXY"), however I have not been successful in having the speed-dial function dial the unpark code, while simultaneously using the BLF function to monitor the park status of the Ext'n.

Just wondering if anyone else has attempted any monitoring + retrieval of park orbits / users on the SPA5XX phones and Broadworks.