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spa303 firmware v7.4.5

Hi all,

I' ve a problem when I want to send a config to a spa303 with http protocol : the phone asks to apache (1.3.34, linux debian) using http v1.1 instead of http 1.0.  And the result is an incorrect file size announced by Apache. example : true size of the file 576 bytes, Apache says to spa303 that the length is 588 bytes in http v1.1.

apache log example of the request

"GET /config.php?PN=SPA303&MA=xxxxx&SWVER=7.4.5 HTTP/1.1" 200 588 "-" "Cisco/SPA303-7.4.5

So the result seen with wireshark when it's 588 is something like a "corrupted file" => I think that the spa checks the size of the file and... there's a difference : 588 - 576 = 12 bytes. The phone doesn't take its configuration.

So I had to use the apache directive

BrowserMatch "Cisco/SPA303-7\.4\.5" downgrade-1.0 force-response-1.0

example with the directive (apache response is in 1.0 even if spa303 asks for a 1.1) :

"GET /config.php?PN=SPA303&MA=xxxxx&SWVER=7.4.5 HTTP/1.1" 200 576 "-" "Cisco/SPA303-7.4.5

but this works only about 80% of the time (bug of Apache 1.3 ?). So I had to use tftp.

But for some reasons I would like to use http. So I would like to know if it's a known bug of the v7.4.5 firmware. Because when the upgrade is done, the phone asks always the config with http 1.0 as I saw with the last firmware : v7.4.7.

example of log with v7.4.7 (request with v1.0 http protocol) :

"GET /config.php?PN=SPA303&MA=xxxxx&SWVER=7.4.7 HTTP/1.0" 200 32256 "-" "Cisco/SPA303-7.4.7

And in this case of course there is no need for an apache directive : v7.4.7 is ok.



Cisco Employee

Re: spa303 firmware v7.4.5

Hi Patrick

Even when you already  found the solution for this issue, I would recommend to upgrade your phones to the latest release as there are some issues fixed.

Best regards

Rogelio V.