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SPA303 Not Registering to UC320 using WBPN.


Hi Guys,

This seems faily abnormal, Recently got some WBPN's (Replacement of WBP54G). for 2 x SPA phones. The phones register and work fine via ethernet. However, when I plug in the WBPN to the phone, it won't register. It looks as if it's giving "Reason:DNSresolution" as a reason.

Plug it back into ethernet, it works fine. I've gone through all the documentation and I seem to be doing everything correctly, but am obviously missing something.

To confirm;

- I have used the setup wizard on the WBPN.

- If I plug in the WBPN to the PC, i can access the UC320.

- The WBPN is configured to the Voice WLAN that the UC320 supplies.

- All Items have the latest firmware.

Any Help is highly appreciated.

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