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SPA3102 Unlock help

I have a Linksys SPA3102 unit which was given to me,

The unit is locked and was originally purchased from MyNetFone.

The original owner closed down their account and no longer needed the unit.

I am trying to access the Admin settings to reuse the unit, however the unit is locked.

MyNetFone support have told me I need to contact Cisco Support to get the unit unlocked.

Cisco support won't help me because the unit is out of warranty.

Is there any way to get this unit unlocked or is it a useless brick now, because no one will help me unlock it.

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As far as I know, Cisco will

As far as I know, Cisco will not only reject you request because of unit is out of warranty, but because Cisco never unlocks units locked for particular operator.

I vaguely remember a Patrick Born from Cisco response claiming it's just not possible. Even Cisco know no admin password of your's unit and there's no backdoor to unlock if properly locked.


So either

- original operator (not unit owner!) will disclose password to you.


- if unit has been sold as unrestricted, then you has been cheated, return unit to seller


- if unit is locked improperly it may be possible to break in, but there's no generic step by step manual as it depend on configuration of particular unit. You should carefully observe unit's network activity during boot - there may or may not be way to cheat the unit. A kind of man-in-the-middle attack may be possible. But it require advanced network skills and some equipment. Ask an network enthusiast near for help. For free, of course. Otherwise it will be cheaper to buy new unit.


- you ordered locked unit and you have locked unit, game over, sorry ...



I was actually given this

I was actually given this unit from someone who closed their MyNetFone VoIP account, so haven't lost any money on it, just frustrating that a perfectly good unit will probably have to be scrapped because of a simple password.

I have spoken to MyNetFone the company who originally sold the unit, they gave me a password to try of "cisco" which didn't work and told me I would have to contact Linksys.

So either MyNetFone don't know what it is or they are just useless.

I know that linksys probably don't know what password the provider has locked the unit with, but I would have thought that they would have some sort of utility they can use to wipe it.

I have read up on how I might be able to download a fake config file to the unit by sniffing the network as to where it is looking for the config file from and spoofing the address to a local webserver to get the unit to download the dummy file.

Going to try this on the weekend and see if I can unlock it, otherwise it will be a brick.



they gave me a password to

they gave me a password to try of "cisco"

Then found them using Google ;-)

I'm pretty sure there's a person in MyNetFone who know the configuration of restricted unit. The unit is customized for MyNetFone and someone has created the customization profile. So don't say "MyNetFone" don't know. It seems has asked a help desk guy, isn't it ? You can claim "this guy" and may be "and even his boss" don't know the password, nor they know who in the company know it nor they are aware that there is someone with such knowledge.

You are right - it's technically the same as "MyNetFone don't know".

I would have thought that they would have some sort of utility they can use to wipe it.

Official response is "no way". Of course, we (nor CIsco) know nothing about backdoors hidden in the code by particular programer. Also there are (never confirmed) rumors about "hardware factory reset" fired by jumpers inside of phone. Or skilled hacker with JTAG link may be able to modify/wipe some data.

You wish for short version ? "No way" ;-)

I might be able to download a fake config

Then you know the best you can do. Good luck.