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spa400 prompts stutter frequently

The SPA400 I have serving voicemail frequently stutters when speaking prompts or will stutter while playing back the recorded messages.  Is this normal or should I expect a flawless playback of prompts and voicemails?  How would I troubleshoot this situation? Thanks.


The playback of the prompts and the voicemail should be clear and stable. Do you have trouble with any other prompts such as the AA on the SPA9000 or is it only regarding voicemail that you have the stuttering issue?

I have the problem only with the VM interactions, not the AA.  I am surprised you have said the prompts and playback should be stable because I've had this kind of issue since I initially set the equipment up.  I've had this occur on a single 4 port switch enviornment as well as the production enviornment.  Different cables, different switches, etc.  The easy ways to trigger the condition seem to be 1) refresh the status web page while dialed into the VM, 2) interact with the VM prompts while playing back another message on a second call into the VM system, 3) interact with the VM prompts/play back messages while making an incoming or outoing call on one of the pstn ports.  My organization is actually ready to dump the system because of the issues with this box... VM's will often have quick gaps either in the recording or during the playback because of the stutter situation.  Sometimes a VM prompt will stop mid sentence and a large pause between two words might occur....

I'm looking for suggestions if you are saying the system should be completely stable...things to look at, conditions that could cause this, etc.  Thanks. -Don

Since you are getting this same behavoir in a lab enviroment I would suggest that you go ahead and open up a case with the SBSC. It sounds like you may have a faulty SPA400.

Just find your locale on the list and give it a call.