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SPA500S not working properly with SPA509G

Mauricio Mendoza

Hi everyone,

I just did a recent installation of the following environment:

1- UC320W Version 2.3.2(6)

1- SPA8800

11- SPA509G phones Version 7.5.2(U3)

4- SPA500S expansion modules

1- SF-200 Cisco POE switch

So far I have everything working the way it should, but I have two problems

  • I configured Line Monitoring on the expansion module for internal extensions and the light on the side car doesn't light up to give a status. It will light up only when the user picks up that certain extension. My understanding is that this is supposed to act as a Busy Lamp Field to let you know if a user is avialable or not.
  • The other issue is that I cannot press any of the "Unused" buttons to program any speed dials, I've read the specifications on Cisco's website and I should be able to add them to any "Unused" button by pressing and holding it down for 3 to 4 seconds.

I don't know if this helps any but when I go to the phone GUI and I click on the Attendant Console tab it says that the server type is SPA9000 and I don't think that that is correct.

Any help on this would be great guys.




John Hoyt

As I understand it, the uc320w only supports two spa500s attendant consoles.

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It supports 2 modules per phone.

I think you need to select the option for "Phone Monitor" instead of "Line Monitor" when configuring the buttons to resolve your issue. Phone = any line on that phone, Line = just this line.

I can't comment on the second issue.


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You can put two SPA500S units on one phone, yes, buttttt, the original poster mentions four of them.

As I understand it, the ENTIRE UC320W can only support two total button bars....

At least, back when we deployed one in 2011, we were told by engineers that some of the issues we were having were duo to having more than two button bars on the system.

I would love clarification on that though....


I have deployments with more than 2 total SPA500S's... however only two SPA500S's can be attached to one phone -- I don't believe that is a UC320 limitation, but a limitation of the phone itself (the UC500 series has the same limit for example).

The UC320 has had an endless amount of weird buggy issues in many of our deployments... I doubt your problems had anything to do with the sidecars you were using... it was likely just an excuse as they did not know the real cause.


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That's possible, but since that initial issue, I have not sold a single UC320W with more than two sidecars! hahaha

I guess I can test it, the initial client that was having problems is now 100% functional, and they still have sidecars attached.   I bet they would be up for a test.


I am running five sidecars with the 320, on on diff phones. No issues. Latest firmware.

I asked our client to add their sidecars back and to let me know =)

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