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SPA504G 7.5.3 Broadsoft Personal Directory Cannot find Contacts


Hi All,

When i configure the SPA504G to use the broadsoft personal directory and i do a search for a contact it says no results.

I have two users in the personal phone list on the broadsoft portal. 

Richard and Samuel

When i search Richard it displays no results found.

When i search with nothing in the search fields then it finds Richard and Samuel.

If i fill the personal phone list on broadsoft with more contacts i can not find any off these users on the phone when i search in the directory. I cannot find them on name Richard and other names gives no result.

When i search with nothing in the search fields then it says to many results.

I also have a location where whe use Polycom Phones and Broadsoft an that works beter than With Cisco and Broadsoft.

Polycom has a service for the Phone book (Polycom Phone Services).

I downgraded the SPA504G to 7.5.2b and then it works when i search for Ric it finds Richard. So for the Personal Directory i have to stay on 7.5.2b or 7.5.1a and when i want to use the Enterprise Directory of Broadsoft the 7.5.3 because the SPA504G Gives a Kernel Error and reboots when i try to search.

Kind Regards,

Richard Vernooij       

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