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SPA504G - blank display after trying changing language

Dear Community,

I've tried changing the language of my SPA504G, putting the script I've found into the manuals.

Unfortunately, something went wrong and now the phone's display is completely black. I did many rebooting, unplugging/re-plugging, but nothing changes. The bad thing is the phone is not reachable anymore by PC, it seems not to have a working IP address.

How can I solve this issue?

Isn't any way to go back to factory settings using keys?


Please help!


Dan Lukes

The language file is firmware version dependent. Also, language 0 must be defined and it must be English. All at all, there's no known recovery key sequence. Your phone is definitely bricked unless under warranty.

Hi Dan, the phone display is blank and not black, sorry for the misprint.

Bu the phone reboots: the 3 buttons microphone+headphones+speaker lights up and then switch off, then the 4 buttons right to the display and the display itself lights up, then the 4 buttons switch off but the display stays on..... and that's the end. No words/icons on the display, it just stays on; no IP assigned by DHCP.


Is just a wrong script on the language line, enough to make the phone useless? It's crazy!




I have one phone bricked this way as well. Cisco decided to keep silence. Despite the issue has been reported years ago, I don't know if it's patched in most recent firmware. I'm not willing to test as phone may be cost of such test.


It seems the phone bootstrap is working properly, but once the control is handed over to main firmware, it hangs on improper language script (or, may be, on language definition file). As loader doesn't contain "reset to factory default" feature (or I know nothing about it) and main firmware freezes at very early stage of it's operation, you are just out of luck.


As suggested already, apply for warranty if possible.


As I just wrote to Cisco Tech Support engineer I'm emailing with, that is really incredible: a product from a big and professional company like Cisco is, hasn’t a trick to reset without using the display….

This is one of the basic feature of any electronic item: every phone has it, the simple/"stupid" ones too!

I'm used to prototype PCBs for special application, and this function is really a no-cost feature, it's just a few lines software ruotine.


Anyway, thank for your support



True. But to say true, SPA5* phones are very reliable. I'm maintainer of large distributed network counting more than thousand phones running for 5-8 years. I has replaced less than ten phones because of hardware failure. Yes, customer support for this product is nonexistent, Cisco doesn't care even bug reports, configuration requires careful approach the phone may be irreversibly bricked,  ...

.. but I still consider it very reliable and good product. 


Embedded unique certificate (allowing me to implement secure zero-touch provisioning), consistent configuration regardless of exact model (same configuration can be used on SPA5xx, SPA3xx and even SPA1x2) and firmware version is exceptional on the market ...


So the final decision depends on features you wish to have. Feel free to select different product (even different vendor), if it will fit your requirements better.



Hello Giandomenico,

What firmware version is on the phone in question?

And what version of dictionaries you tried to load?