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SPA504G bulk edit one parameter

i have more than 300 SPA 504G Phones and i would like to change 1 or 2 parameter for all these phones mainly i want to change from UDP to TLS and to remove some tones . so i know i can import the spacfg.xml then edit it and then sync it back  and i can make that process auto but the probelm is when i export the xml file all passwords  ( admin,user , sip etc ) are exported as stars **** , and i want to keep current passwords same .

so how can i bulk edit all phones and change only one parameter ?


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no one ?

no one ?


Never done it myself, but

Never done it myself, but these should help?

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Thanks but it was more

Thanks but it was more granual than just general provisiong .


Neither documentation nor

Neither documentation nor 'how to' documents mention the export->edit->import cycle to be mandatory (because it just doesn't work - as you discovered).  Load configuration file with just those parameters you wish to change. 

I assume you tried it already, so you discovered the solution even with no my advice.

Just a note related to UDP->TLS change. TLS require about 2.5s to setup It cause "bad user experience" sometime. Be sure to explain such detail to your users to avoid complains.

See also TLS setup benchmark.


Thanks for your reply . i had

Thanks for your reply . i had to load the xml config files after changing the *** to the pass i need in every indvutial xml file . but i must use TLS and SRTP for encryption for both voice and signal. yes i am using VLANs and so . but still if any one get into those voice vlans he can decrypt the voice using the encryption key whic is cleary sent over the lan . so i have to  use both tls and srtp .

ps: i am using asterisk and till now those dely is not really seen by the customer ( yet ) :)


It's not matter of PBX

It's not matter of PBX software you are using (we are using Asterisk as well). TLS connection setup require initial SSL handshaking. Such cryptography require a lot of computing, thus it take time. But if users are not upset then there's no issue, so we can forget it.

I'm unsure you has been successful changing the parameters according your wishes. Ask if there's an issue to solve.


yes i understand . i already

yes i understand . i already deploy it in some branches since one week and every thing run smoothly . i will update here after one week or 2 to give you more info .