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SPA504G Installation

            Hi everyone, I install above phones for a customer last night but I am not sure of a few things. I have a middle to lower knowledge on VoiP.

This customer uses the services of ENGIN. He has 3 different phone numbers. I put the first phone and plug into the switch and entered all Engin parameters. It worked like a charm, incoming, outgoing, ringing,etc,etc. Since I had entered only one number at that stage (programmed into the unit) the LCD showed 4 times (EXT1,2,3, and 4) the same number programmed. Then I entered the second and third number respectively to EXT 2 and EXT 3. Phone reboot and now the LCD showed every different corresponding number. I was happy. I could receive and do calls on all lines.

But now is the saga...........he wanted 2 more phones connected so I did, and programmed them like the first one but now some calls go to one and others to another and one of them receives nothing at all.

What am I doing wrong ? Do I need an IPPBX to make what he wants?

He wants all three phones to receive calls simultaneously in any of those 3 numbers so anyone in any office can answer. To me this would be like the old Telecom Commander system but looks like I need to do something else to achieve this?

Anyone can give me some lights ?

By the way he was previously using softphone.

Thanks in avnaced      

Cisco Employee

Hi Richard,

Please check with the ITSP if they support multiple registrations for the same SIP account. 

You can also look at IPPBX, The UC320W can support up to 24 IP Phones and 12 concurrent calls, with each IP Phone supporting multipl call apperences (depending on the SPA Phone model).




My guess is that they are not all registered in the switch at the same time.  Can you confirm how many registrations you have per number.  You need 3 per number for what you want.

Try making an outboud call on the same line on each phone, my guess is only one will work.

Also when you call into a number is the the most recent one you used/booted up that gets the call and the other two do not ring?


Randall, Sage, thanks !

Just rang the company my customer contracted and being  him the account holder he needs to tell them.

You both right, it seems there is only one registration per line so Harry Potter cannot make much, in this case.

Cheers and have a nice weekend.