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SPA504G Reboots Need Sample .cfg for asterisk


My Cisco Reboots daily during business hours.

Can I set a 3am reboot?

Below is my .cfg for my phone

I am not sure which setting is causing the phone to reboot.

Any one have any good config files that dont cause teh phone to reboot when it does its refresh?

Thank you,



<!-- Linksys/SIPURA SPA-5xx Phone:ver-1.0:2012-05-10 -->

<RTP_Packet_Size> 0.020 </RTP_Packet_Size>

<Line_Enable_1_> No </Line_Enable_1_>

<Line_Enable_2_> No </Line_Enable_2_>

<Line_Enable_3_> No </Line_Enable_3_>

<Line_Enable_4_> No </Line_Enable_4_>

<Line_Enable_5_> No </Line_Enable_5_>

<Line_Enable_6_> No </Line_Enable_6_>

<Short_Name_1_> 360 </Short_Name_1_>

<Short_Name_2_> 360 </Short_Name_2_>

<Short_Name_3_> 360 </Short_Name_3_>

<Short_Name_4_> 360 </Short_Name_4_>

<Short_Name_5_> 360 </Short_Name_5_>

<Short_Name_6_> 360 </Short_Name_6_>

<SPA532_Call_Pickup_Code> *8# </SPA532_Call_Pickup_Code>

<Line_Enable_1_> Yes </Line_Enable_1_>

<Proxy_1_> </Proxy_1_>

<Register_1_> Yes </Register_1_>

<Extension_1_> 1 </Extension_1_>

<Short_Name_1_> 555 </Short_Name_1_>

<User_ID_1_> 555 </User_ID_1_>

<Password_1_> adfasdf </Password_1_>

<Display_Name_1_> test phone1 </Display_Name_1_>

<NAT_Mapping_Enable_1_> Yes </NAT_Mapping_Enable_1_>

<NAT_Keep_Alive_Enable_1_> Yes </NAT_Keep_Alive_Enable_1_>

<Default_Ring_1_> 5 </Default_Ring_1_>

<Use_Auth_ID_1_> Yes </Use_Auth_ID_1_>

<Auth_ID_1_> 555 </Auth_ID_1_>

<Preferred_Codec_1_> G711u </Preferred_Codec_1_>

<Use_Pref_Codec_Only_1_> no </Use_Pref_Codec_Only_1_>

<Dial_Plan_1_> (xx.|*xx.|**xx.|#xx.) </Dial_Plan_1_>

<DTMF_Tx_Method_1_> AVT </DTMF_Tx_Method_1_>

<DTMF_Process_AVT_1_> yes </DTMF_Process_AVT_1_>

<Silence_Supp_Enable_1_> no </Silence_Supp_Enable_1_>

<Enable_IP_Dialing_1_> no </Enable_IP_Dialing_1_>

<G726-16_Enable_1_> No </G726-16_Enable_1_>

<G726-24_Enable_1_> No </G726-24_Enable_1_>

<G726-40_Enable_1_> No </G726-40_Enable_1_>






<Server_Type> Asterisk </Server_Type>

<Interdigit_Long_Timer> 5 </Interdigit_Long_Timer>

<Interdigit_Short_Timer> 3 </Interdigit_Short_Timer>

<Handset_Input_Gain> 6 </Handset_Input_Gain>

<Speakerphone_Input_Gain> 6 </Speakerphone_Input_Gain>

<Headset_Input_Gain> 6 </Headset_Input_Gain>

<Voice_Mail_Number > 555 </Voice_Mail_Number>

<Text_Logo > </Text_Logo>

<Station_Name> test phone1 </Station_Name>

<Call_Return_Code> *69 </Call_Return_Code>

<Blind_Transfer_Code> **98 </Blind_Transfer_Code>

<Call_Back_Act_Code> **66 </Call_Back_Act_Code>

<Call_Back_Deact_Code> **86 </Call_Back_Deact_Code>

<Cfwd_All_Act_Code > **72 </Cfwd_All_Act_Code>

<Cfwd_All_Deact_Code> **73 </Cfwd_All_Deact_Code>

<Cfwd_Busy_Act_Code> **90 </Cfwd_Busy_Act_Code>

<Cfwd_Busy_Deact_Code> **91 </Cfwd_Busy_Deact_Code>

<Cfwd_No_Ans_Act_Code> **92 </Cfwd_No_Ans_Act_Code>

<Cfwd_No_Ans_Deact_Code > **93 </Cfwd_No_Ans_Deact_Code>

<Block_CID_Act_Code> **67 </Block_CID_Act_Code>

<Block_CID_Deact_Code> **68 </Block_CID_Deact_Code>

<Block_CID_Per_Call_Act_Code> **81 </Block_CID_Per_Call_Act_Code>

<Block_CID_Per_Call_Deact_Code> **82 </Block_CID_Per_Call_Deact_Code>

<Block_ANC_Act_Code> **77 </Block_ANC_Act_Code>

<Block_ANC_Deact_Code> **87 </Block_ANC_Deact_Code>

<DND_Act_Code> **78 </DND_Act_Code>

<DND_Deact_Code> **79 </DND_Deact_Code>

<Secure_All_Call_Act_Code> **16</Secure_All_Call_Act_Code>

<Secure_No_Call_Act_Code> **17 </Secure_No_Call_Act_Code>

<Secure_One_Call_Act_Code> **18 </Secure_One_Call_Act_Code>

<Secure_One_Call_Deact_Code > **19 </Secure_One_Call_Deact_Code>

<Paging_Code> **96 </Paging_Code>

<Call_Park_Code> **38 </Call_Park_Code>

<Call_Pickup_Code> **36 </Call_Pickup_Code>

<Call_UnPark_Code> **39 </Call_UnPark_Code>

<Group_Call_Pickup_Code > **37 </Group_Call_Pickup_Code>

<Syslog_Server> </Syslog_Server>

<Debug_Server> </Debug_Server>

<Debug_Level> 0 </Debug_Level>

<Resync_Periodic> 86400 </Resync_Periodic>

<Forced_Resync_Delay> 14400 </Forced_Resync_Delay>

<Resync_Error_Retry_Delay> 5 </Resync_Error_Retry_Delay>

<PC_Port_VLAN_Highest_Priority> 1 </PC_Port_VLAN_Highest_Priority>

<Enable_PC_Port_VLAN_Tagging> No </Enable_PC_Port_VLAN_Tagging>

<PC_Port_VLAN_ID> 1 </PC_Port_VLAN_ID>

<Daylight_Saving_Time_Rule> start=3/-14/7/2:0:0;end=11/1/7/2:0:0;save=1 </Daylight_Saving_Time_Rule>


Frequent Contributor

If those parameters you listed didn't change at all, the next resync shouldn't cause a reboot.  You can verify if the reboot reason, shows 'provisioning'.  This is located in the info tab.

To schedule a resync at a certain time, the parameter is 'Resync At', located in Provisioning tab.

Yes the parameters do not change at all and it still reboots daily.

Do you have an example what the parameter would be to set the resync time in my script?

Thank you

Dan Miley

Does this parm change every day, or every resynch?

ver-1.0:2012-05-10 -->

if so, that may be what is causing the config to change.  Remove the serial number from the file and see if that resolves it.


Yes the parameters do not change at all and it still reboots daily.

as for removing the serial number do you mean?


Thank you


I set my resync period to 400 to get the reboot reason and I get

request reboot type 2 reason provisioning (4)

maybe the sccptcp error is doing it?

Anybody have any more info on this please?

A great tech from Thirdlane EEEman gave some common sense on this problem.

here is the answer to the problem

basically added this to my auto script and now I can control when my phone reboots

2132 2132

2132 is the time the phone will resync at. You can login to your phone and verivy that it got this from the script when done.

Even small syntactic error in configuration can cause reboot.

Divide configuration in half. Remove the bottom half. If phone still reboots, the reboot is caused by a line in upper half. If phone reboots will stop then critical line is in bottom half.

Repeat unless line will be identified.

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