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SPA504g softkeys missing for second call

We have some SPA504g phones that often handle multiple incoming calls on a single line. If a second call begins ringing while the phone is on a call, and the call is then answered, the soft keys are blank for the second call. The softkeys defined for the "connected" call state on our phone are: 


These appear as expected for the first call, but are blank for the second call. We have "per call" line navigation.


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Philip D'Ath

Running a recent software load on the SPA504's?

Should have mentioned. Running 7.6.1 on the phones.

Dan Lukes

Unable to reproduce with

Software Version: 7.6.1
Line Navigation: Per Line
Line ID Mapping: Vertical First
Programmable Softkey Enable: No

so start with this configuration, then slowly move to desired configuration. It should reveal the critical change to you.

But I expect it will be Line Navigation. "Per call" navigation have severe limitations and I can't recommend it to you.


I reverted back to the configuration you suggested, and here's what I found:

When a call is active and a second call comes in, I press accept call. On the new call, here are the softkeys available:

Page 1: confLx, xferLx

Page 2: redial, dir, dnd

I would like to be able to transfer the second call, but this isn't possible with the available buttons. Enabling the PSKs and defining the softkeys that I want, even in Per Line nav mode, doesn't show the bxfer or xfer buttons.


With the configuration I described I have

confLX|xferLX|conf|xfer and redial|dir|bxfer on both call screen.

See screenshots bellow. Note I have no dnd key as such service is disabled in my configuration.

Save your configuration as XML and disclose it to me. I will try to identify the difference.

Dan, really appreciate your help here. Do you have a way that I can directly send the .xml to you?

I has received the configuration. I will analyze it, then I will publish conclusions here (no sensitive data from configuration will be disclosed).

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