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SPA504g w/7.4.6 firmware provisioning issues

I applied the latest release of the Cisco firmware (7.4.6) last night and have come across an issue. The phones are not fully applying some of the configuration parameters specified in the provisioning template we use even though the settings show up in the web interface.

For example I have a modified version of the connect call string that shows the bxfer button while on a call. This works just as needed when running version 7.4.4, but when version 7.4.6 is applied the phone show the proper settings in the administration web interface, but not on the phone itself. The phone shows the default configuration no matter what setting is applied in the web interface or provisioning template.

The provisioning template shows this for the setting - <Connected_Key_List group="Phone/Programmable_Softkeys">conf|1;xfer|2;bxfer|3;phold|4</Connected_Key_List>

The web interface shows this on the phone tab (advanced) when running both firmware versions - Connected Key List: conf|1;xfer|2;bxfer|3;phold|4

I am also specifying time settings, which also work in 7.4.4, but not 7.4.6.

Any ideas on what to do?